Naked Light: photograms + camera-less photographs

Andrew Beck Brick photogram 2012
Fri 7 Dec 2012 to Fri 25 Jan 2013
Recent photograms and other camera-less photographs
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McNamara Gallery Photography
Manawatu / Wanganui


NAKED LIGHT: recent photograms and other camera-less photographs Mark Adams & Areta Wilkinson Andrew Beck Joyce Campbell Anne Ferran [Sydney] Katy Gundesen Gavin Hipkins Fiona Pardington A photograph is an event transformed into an object; the fixing of light in space over time. Photogram: "Objects - opaque and translucent - are placed on light sensitive paper and exposed to light from various sources. The result is a negative: white beneath the opaque objects, grey beneath the translucent objects, and maximum black where the paper was bare." [Beaumont Newhall, 1977] Each is a unique object, there being no negative from which to make multiple prints. The works in this exhibition cover a diverse range of practice including; metaphor developed via layered images linking random and formal elements, or the inclusion of the shadow-generating object as part of the final work. They illustrate the photographers’ desire to explore aspects of light, space, scale, automatism [revealing elements of the subconscious perhaps..], symbolism, man-made & nature-inspired tracery, and turning an indexical medium to near abstract,

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Paul Mcnamara

7 Dec 2012