A VFX Masterclass in Auckland

VFX Masterclass Auckland
Sat 2 Mar 2013 to Sat 2 Mar 2013
Spend a day with VFX specialists Charlie Haskell, George Ritchie and Kevin Riley
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General Registration: $80 +GST. SDGNZ Member Regis
Henderson Valley Studios 12 Hickory Avenue…
Henderson Valley Studios 12 Hickory Avenue Henderson Auckland 0612


The SDGNZ presents

A VFX Masterclass

With financial assistance from the NZFC. With special thanks to Panavision.



Usually, when we hear about VFX, we picture green screens and compositing, CGI characters, explosions and other elements that are too expensive to shoot in real life. However, VFX are present in most of the films you see or shows you watch on TV, often where you would least expect it.


  • Conceptual elements of VFX
  • How to have a clear directors vision when planning and working with VFX
  • Basic VFX rules and techinical requirements
  • How to work with your VFX team

This is a practical hands-on workshops for the complete VFX beginner to directors who might want a refresher course on VFX.



Charlie Haskell started life as a director on the 2nd Unit of Hercules almost 20 years ago, on a healthy diet of stunt work and rudimentary VFX 101. Since then he has watched the development of VFX, directing a range of shows including Xena, Young Hercules, Power Rangers and Legend of the Seeker. He has also worked as a 2nd Unit Director on films such as 30 Days of Night and The Warriors Way, a film shot predominantly on green screen. In 2012 Charlie was nominated for a Golden Nymph Award, at the Monte Carlo TV Festival for his direction of Tangiwai – A Love Story.

George Ritchie is a VFX supervisor with a strong background in VFX ranging from Xena and Hercules, to the Vintners Luck, Black Sheep, and 30 Days of Night. George works as a Studio Lead for Emmy Award nominated VFX Company PRPVFX. George recently was VFX Supervisor on Evil Dead: Remake (2013). His maxim is “Minimal Intervention - change as little as possible”. 

Kevin Riley is a Cinematographer who has worked in the screen industry since the early 1980s as a freelancer after spending a brief time at TVNZ. From the mid 1990s Kevin shot many TV Dramas, including a long list of fantasy action shows which often utilised the use of VFX. Kevin was awarded an AFTA for cinematographer on Legend of the Seeker in 2011. When not on set, Kevin may be found at CineStuff, a rental company based in Auckland. Kevin also founded the New Zealand Cinematographers Society which has become a key organisation that fosters the craft of the DOP in NZ.

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25 Jan 2013

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