Mayhem, magic and getting your groove on!
Sat 25 May 2013 to Sun 26 May 2013
There are three major elements to performances. Visual (what we look like), Vocal (what we sound like) and Verbal (what we say)
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Soul Centre
18 Huia Road, Titirangi, Aucklland


THE THREE V's 25/26 May $300 There are three major elements to performances. Visual (what we look like), Vocal (what we sound like) and Verbal (what we say). I will present in this workshop various scores (exercises) that will allow students to playfully explore these elements. The major focus will be on the Visual where I will introduce ways of being more physically articulate and impulsively creative with the movement of our bodies in the performing space. I will also have you look at ways of increasing your vocal palette and developing an improvised theatrical language that suits you aesthetically. Positive feedback is a device I use to get people to talk about what they enjoyed doing, seeing, hearing. It is a means of developing your self-teacher (creating scores to enhance skills in things you like doing) and have confidence in their inner-director (as an improviser you are your own director) evolving the language necessary to talk about and fully understand one's aesthetic values. “Al’s clarity of the improvisational process has enabled me to learn an exciting art, the expansion of presence, creating and sculpting moments has opened up so much life energy for me” - Wah “This was a nice balm which was very uplifting....Delicious to be here” – Ananda “ Really good for my analytical skills, my observational and listening skills. I felt like I learnt a lot from watching and listening to others working and talking” - Rachel “Inspiring and supportive.... It has allowed me to regain and explore my creative side. I like what is becoming of me!’ – Poorva “I’ve finally found a way of working that resonates with me. Opening a door into my creativity, playfulness and the art of allowing!” - Siri For 35 years AL WUNDER has been developing a form of Improvised Movement Theatre that is unique in it's teaching of performance as a means of communication between people. His philosophy is that performance is for everyone not just the highly skilled professionals. In a safe non-competitive environment, Al guides participants to allow their thoughts and feelings to be explored in a theatrical setting, through movements, words, sounds, and each individuals unique way of being in the performing space. The space becomes not something to fear, but a source of power. Performance becomes a showing of, not a showing off. Find the child like innocence of exploration and discovery. Experience the fun one can have by being physically articulate. Al Wunder is Australia's leading teacher of Movement Based Improvisation. Hailed by Ruth Zapora as ''my one & only improvisation mentor'', Al has inspired performers alongside people from all walks of life, in his Melbourne studio for over 23 years. TEACHING PHILOSOPHY Theatre of the Ordinary allows you to evolve your own unique style of improvisation. Rather than imposing an aesthetic upon students, new ways of perceiving and organising each individual’s performingpalette helps to develop the inner-teacher and self-director. Becoming more physically articulate and aware allows students to discover what they enjoy about their own performance. Child-like play and curiosity encourages fun and risk-taking; reflection on what one enjoys doing and watching encourages artistic and individual development. Performance is for everyone, not just the highly skilled professionals. We all have our own stories, songs and dances to share. It is sharing with one another that enriches us. of the

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SOUL - centre of the body and mind

11 Jan 2013

Interests SOUL is an eco-friendly centre situated in Titirangi in the lush rainforest on the west coast of Auckland.