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Christ Almighty What A Show!



BATS Theatre would like to sincerely thank our audiences, actors and sponsors for supporting our fundraising show Christ Almighty, which finished Saturday 18th Dec after 18 hilarious performances!

Penned by local comic talents Natalie Medlock and Dan Musgrove (Blinkers and Spurs, A Song for the Ugly Kids, The Giant Face), Christ Almighty saw over 30 amazing actors volunteer their skills to bring eight naughty nativity monologues to vibrant life.

“BATS was overwhelmed at the level of support this production received, from both the theatre community and our audience,” says BATS Programme Manager Martyn Wood. “This was a unique chance to bring a huge range of actors and theatre practitioners together to celebrate the festive season, and we were stoked with the response.”

BATS is proud to announce this fundraiser made nearly $12,000 at the box office, which will be put towards various maintenance projects around the theatre. A portion of the proceeds will also be donated to the Pike River Mine Appeal. “We wanted to be able to repay a little bit of the generosity that the community showed towards our theatre, and couldn’t think of a more appropriate charity to support this Christmas.”

We would also like to thank our wonderful sponsors Huffer, Lithoprint, Concrete, Charlotte Larsen, Bay Plaza Hotel, The Basement Theatre, Jennifer Lal and Ricky Beirao.

And we look forward to seeing you at BATS Theatre 2011!

Happy Holidays,


Erin Banks, Jed Brophy, Byron Coll, Ben Crawford, Nick Dunbar, Emma Draper, Phil Grieve, Sophie Hambleton, Paul Harrop, KC Kelly, Jono Kenyon, Brianne Kerr, Emma Kinane, Salesi Leota, Jennifer Martin, Ginette McDonald, Kate McGill, Carmel McGlone, Stuart McKenzie, Ryan O'Kane, Kate Prior, Jessica Robinson, Fleur Saville, Bryony Skillington, Amy Tarleton, Asalemo Tofete, Leon Wadham, Aidan Weekes, Martyn Wood

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29 Dec 2010

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