PINK FLOYD – A Finger On The P.U.L.S.E


One of the world’s largest premier live concert experiences - Beyond the Darkside - is finally coming to both Auckland and Wellington for a one night only special performance at The Civic Theatre on Saturday February 12 in Auckland, and at Wellington’s TSB Arena on Friday 18 February 2011.

Staging a 3 hour live spectacular that both captures the essence and recreates all the excitement of Pink Floyd’s Live 1996 Pulse concert - a concert that never actually came to this part of the world.

 Beyond the Darkside’s all-new “A Finger On The Pulse” tour features all the songs from the Pulse tour, along with other songs that were not included in either of the DVD or CD formats.

This tour will be the biggest production the BTDS team has ever presented in their now 20-year history. This will be the first time ever that New Zealand audiences will have the chance to attend a Beyond the Darkside production - a show unrivaled by any other its kind in the world, in relation to its production value. “We are bringing the whole show to New Zealand, not a scaled down version.” said Kevin Hunt the show’s producer / guitarist /singer. “We only do shows in a certain way or we just don’t bother. This tour will be even more special as it is Beyond the Darkside’s 20th anniversary in 2011.

 In typical Pink Floyd (& Beyond the Darkside) tradition the show will feature a 10-piece band accompanied by a massive production based on the 1996 Pulse look and design, consisting of a multi-arched trussing system covered by a massive digital light show, some new and powerful full colour laser systems, inflatable 20 foot pigs, projection, ‘Hey Teacher’ lighting and other PF props. The band’s sound is presented in 80’000 watts of digital 5.1 surround sound.

 Beyond The Dark Side recreates the psychedelic visual display and acoustic dimensions of an original Pink Floyd concert experience, capturing the imagination and artistry to which Pink Floyd fans have become accustomed. Their stage productions have grown to be some of the largest productions held in theatre and have garnered rave reviews and accolades, building on a reputation for going far beyond the standards of any similar act with its authentic sound and near perfect rendering of the original spectacle.

The Sydney Opera House Concert Hall production staged last year was labeled one of the most extravagant sound & lighting displays ever witnessed at the Sydney Opera House.

In all aspects Beyond the Darkside continues to strive to present its audience with a realistic experience of what a Pink Floyd concert experience was like - as most of you would know they rarely visited this part of the world. Everyone in the Beyond the Darkside camp is extremely excited with the new show and hopes the show will thrill everyone who sees it.

 Named after legendary Georgia blues men Pink Anderson and Floyd Council, Pink Floyd were undoubtedly the greatest mainstream rock phenomenon in the world, with Dark Side of the Moon being a pivotal album in the history of music, selling a staggering 40 million copies world-wide - the third best selling album of all time.

 Even now, almost 40 years after this group of middle-class University students orchestrated the British psychedelic pop scene of the sixties; Pink Floyd continues to captivate its audience with its atmospheric, introspective anthems exploring the evocative and timeless themes of loneliness, alienation, madness and death.

 Sadly after the death of Keyboard player Richard Wright there will never be a chance to see the four great Pink Floyd members together on tour again and with the recent announcement from Roger Waters that he will be retiring after his current “Wall” tours we may never again get the chance to experience the kind of creative marvels/shows of the likes of what Pink Floyd have staged over the decades unless those experiences can be reproduced by such acts as Beyond the Darkside.

  Pink Floyd – A Finger On The P.U.L.S.E
New Zealand Shows (2 shows only)

 Sat 12 Feb 2011 – The Civic Auckland, 8pm
Friday 18 Feb 2011 – TSB Arena Wellington, 8pm

Tickets from $95.00 up to $120.00 (booking fees may apply)

Further information:

Auckland: THE EDGE - or 0800 BUY TICKETS

Wellington: TICKETEK - 0800 TICKETEK -

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Elephant Publicity

18 Nov 2010