Roots on the Move

Roots on the Move is the uplifting story of an event that rises from the ashes of violent political unrest to bring a generation of divided youth together. It's the story of a moving festival that tra


Roots on the Move is the uplifting story of an event that rises from the ashes of violent political unrest to bring a generation of divided youth together. It's the story of a moving festival that transcends borders.

Creativity unifies tribes and creates positive action for youth in a place forgotten by the world - the North East of India. North East India is bordered by Bangladesh, Bhutan, Burma, China, and Nepal. Geographically, psychologically, and politically annexed, India's 'sixth finger' contains a diverse ethnic mix with a legacy of violent political unrest.

'Roots on the Move' is more than a film. It is an ongoing conversation that travels through music, dance, technology, east, and west, in which youth is free to express itself.

For the first time in the history of the North East of India, an opportunity has arisen as if out of the darkness which allows the youth to be free, be creative and be peaceful… a travelling festival of indigenous and western music called the ‘Roots Festival, on the Move’.

The film: a series of undercover veritably-themed interviews made by Serena Stevenson, under the guise disguised as the music festival documenter. Serena filmed and photographed over 30 days across 4000 miles through militant and army controlled borders.

The Wider Campaign

We have designed a multi-faceted campaign in order to distribute, raise awareness, and start the movement of 'Roots on the Move' - but we can't do it all on our own!

This entire project has been fully self-funded by film-maker Serena Stevenson. After four years of re-edits and despite no funding, the project is still going strong. The final version of the film is now complete, but the real story is just beginning. 

'Roots' continues to grow and influence lives all over the world.

The aim now is to secure funding to support the distribution and construction of a global transmedia campaign surrounding the unrest in North East India. 

What Your Contribution Will Do 

Funding from IndieGoGo will go towards: 

  • Creating additional DVD content from unused existing footage
  • Building an interactive smart phone application, in the form of a competition to create a music video using music from the 'Roots on the Move' soundtrack
  • Building an ingenious website where users can explore the characters from 'Roots', as well as stories of North East India
  • Distribution of the film as a DVD 
  • Enabling the voices of North East India to be heard

The Impact

"The one goal of 'Roots': to bring the world's attention to the North East of India, through a celebration of our modernised multicultural global community. Roots on the Move sheds light on people, ideas and experiences that inspire us. The film celebrates and explores the idea of spreading freedom through creativity. Against the odds, these people strive for peace and freedom and in 'Roots on the Move,' we are starting to see that happen. This powerful transmedia documentary aims to open minds worldwide. We get up close and personal with urban politicians, social workers, musicians, filmmakers, poets, writers, educators, and youth. " 

- Serena Stevenson, Roots on the Move, Film maker

What the transmedia documentary campaign will accomplish: 

  • Distribution through non-traditional media to bring global film festival audiences to generate support for the 'Roots on the Move Festival' movement to continue
  • Evoke positive messages of identity for a global audience and to the youth of all corners of North East India
  • Raise awareness of the 'Roots Festival' so that it can return to the North East again 

What We Need & What You Get

To reach the right people in the right way, the project needs $5000 to get the ball rolling. This will make a substantial contriubtion towards making the transmedia campaign a reality. 

Right now we have a film, but no means of distributing it. The transmedia movement will create noise around the film, leading to additional funding, and continuance of the campaign to raise awareness and tell the stories of North East India. 

By contributing to this project, you will become part of something that really will change people's lives by connecting people across the world through a well-executed transmedia campaign. 
Help to make the 'Roots Festival' a reality once again!


Other Ways You Can Help


We would also love it if you would share our message! The main idea is raising awareness. Help us to share the voice of North East India and make the 'Roots Festival' happen again!

Further information: 

Visit the 'Roots on the Move' website for more information about the campaign.

Give to our campaign here.

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29 Sep 2011

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