The AKL Creative Ecology survey needs you!


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Why? The climate of Auckland's creative sector is changing rapidly...

  • The value of arts education is being challenged by the government - could this threaten how your work is valued in society? 
  • Removal of the wellbeings from the purpose of local government - what could this mean for resourcing the vitality of our city's communities? 
  • A new governance for Auckland and a regional approach to arts and culture - how is this affecting what you do now, and into the future?

What is Creative Coalition doing about it?

As a strong champion for Auckland's arts, culture & creative sectors we are undertaking a project to chart Auckland's creative ecology for the first time.

This will provide an independent sector-led perspective and robust data - illustrating what our sector looks like, how we are connected, and what our needs and aspirations are. Find out more about the project here >

What can I do to help?

Fill out this 25 minute survey. We know it's a big ask, but this level of response will produce the meaningful data we need to speak on behalf of the sector.

Whether you're a jeweller, arts therapist, graphic designer, philanthropist, arts advisor, museum director... we need to hear from everyone, from throughout the Auckland region. 

When you're done, please share the survey link with your friends and networks. 

What's in it for me?

You will get a copy of the final report which you can use to help inform your own strategic development and advocacy activities. All data collected will be aggregated and individual people and organisations will not be identified (unless you tell us you wish to be). 

Council and central government agencies have expressed their appreciation to Creative Coalition for this initiative and we understand that the report will be used to inform their policy and strategy development. Please use this as an opportunity to add your voice.


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Survey closes 11pm on 18th January 2012

Contact details: 
Contact Elise Sterback with any questions about the survey or project at

Written by

Creative Coalition

4 Dec 2012