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Hey Presto! Magician Wins Two National Awards

Photograph of New Zealand magician Mick Peck
Auckland magician Mick Peck has won two national awards in one week


Auckland professional magician Mick Peck has pulled two national awards out of his hat in the same week.

His first achievement was to win the KiaOraMai Awesome Service Award which recognizes business people who provide clients with inspirational customer service.  Winners of the Awesome Service Award are nominated by happy clients and the winners selected by Chambers of Commerce representative Michael Barnett ONZM.
KiaOraMai Awesome Service Award organiser Grant Woolliams says that Mick is the first entertainer to ever win or be nominated for the Awesome Service Award in the three years they have been running.  

The KiaOraMai Awesome Service Awards are supported by the Sunday Star Times and NewstalkZB. Nominations can be made at

Mick was then honoured by his peers when he received the prestigious Top Children's Entertainer Award from the Variety Artists Club of New Zealand, the premier association for performing artists and entertainers in this country.

"The judges for the Top Children's Entertainer Award include some household names and real legends of New Zealand entertainment," Mick says.  "It really is a tremendous honour to be recognised by the Variety Artists Club."
Mick Peck got his start in magic after seeing magicians Paul Daniels and David Copperfield on television.  He is now a full-time professional entertainer who performs his magic at parties and corporate events throughout New Zealand.
Mick says people love to be amazed. "Magic is one of the oldest performing art forms.  Magicians produced fire in the days of the cavemen, they performed miracles alongside pyramids in Egypt and in the courts of King Arthur.  Even in today's high-tech world, magic is thriving."
"Inside everyone is a child that remembers what it was like to experience that moment of wonder," he says. "To perform magic for someone is to give them that same gift of astonishment."

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Written by

Mick Peck

5 Feb 2012

Auckland Magician Mick Peck is an award winning entertainer and member of London's Magic Circle, the world's premier magic society.