Te Ao, Amazing Maori Art Exhibition in Paris.

Amazing Maori Art Exhibition in Paris.TE AO, Maori for “The Light” is a new and beautiful exhibition on show in Paris by Fine Artists Tracey Tawhiao and George Nuku.


Amazing Maori Art Exhibition in Paris.

TE AO, Maori for “The Light” is a new and beautiful exhibition on show in Paris by Fine Artists Tracey Tawhiao and George Nuku.

The exhibition has circumvented the galleries to show in one of the oldest and most famous churches in Paris, Saint Roch Church. Saint Roche Church is situated right next door to the Louvre in the famous First Arrondissement and is a very chic address for Art.

Tawhiao and Nuku have installed a collection of works in the Chapel attached to this Church. The Chapel has an imposing statue of Jesus Christ on the cross which can be seen from the Church through enormous concertina wooden doors.

What can’t be seen from the Church is what lies around Jesus Christ’s feet. The Artists have created an entire universe of light and love created in modern materials but still distinctly Maori.

The Artists explain:

“The Catholic Church does not really include the Natural world apart from Light. So we focused on Light. It is very big in Maori cosmology" says Tawhiao "Our work was called pagan by one Priest and we had to refute that on the premise that Jesus died for the Pagan’s too." "Our focus is on Light and Love the two best things about any religion.”

Says Nuku “I wanted to create something that made sense in a church. We couldn’t attach any thing to the walls, so it immediately became interesting figuring out how to use the space. Basically, it’s held together by string and a prayer. It could all come crashing down but that’s really the beauty of it for me. I don’t like sure things as they seem ultimately boring."

"The cube is something I am happy to have out of me and in the Chapel with Jesus, Mary and God" continues Nuku "I can let them imbue it with meaning. For me it’s an accumulation of the best of life contained in a very precise space projecting in a very sacred and geometric way to the world.”

Tawhiao and Nuku have been exhibiting together and separately for almost 20 years. They have shown around the world and throughout their own country.

Both Artists are dedicated to sharing their vision of the world through their Maori Ancestry and believe that nothing has gone or died but is stilling living in them.

Te Ao has a Grand Finale Evening in the last week of September.

The Artists have some surprise guest Maori Artists from NZ and it promises to be an enchanting and thought provoking evening.

The Chapel re-opens 1st September and closes finally on the 28th September.

For viewing times please contact: Morteza 00 33 (0)6 76 29 53 36. Galerie Yapa 18 Rue St Roch, Paris, France.

Contact details: 
Tracey Tawhaio tracey@houseoftaonga.com visit http://www.houseoftaonga.com

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Joff Rae

26 Jul 2012

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