‘Electric Soup’ simmering in London sunshine

Mahalski's 'Electric Soup' mural at Orchard Place, Trinity Buoy Wharf (photo: garryhunter.com)
Mahalski with 'Electric Soup', Orchard Place, Trinity Buoy Wharf, London (photo: garryhunter.com)
Dilapidated shop front on Orchard Place, London before Mahalski painted 'Electric Soup' (photo: Sheridan O)


Mahalski mural dazzles sight-seers at Trinity Buoy Wharf

Bruce Mahalski’s unconventional mural ‘Electric Soup’ has been receiving a positive response from Londoners and visitors taking advantage of summer temperatures to venture out to Orchard Place, part of the Trinity Buoy Wharf arts complex at East London.

Painted on an old shop front the whimsical scene features fish which inhabit the nearby Thames River as well as deepwater species that are under threat of extinction. There are brightly coloured electric rays, viper fish, jelly fish, a whale, an electric eel, an angler fish and even plankton.

Curator Garry Hunter chose Mahalski to paint this mural “not just because of his deep understanding of marine species and the threats to their habitat, but also with his willingness to take a month out of his busy art and teaching practice in New Zealand to spend time researching, preparing and completing a great addition to the permanent works being left on this London site for all to enjoy.”

London resident Marc Mustard was very impressed by the mural, “I think this is really attractive and breathes new life into an otherwise ugly and defunct area. It brightens the street up and makes a feature of the wall. It really stands out and grabs the attention. All disused buildings should be treated like canvases.”

Electrical references pay homage to the pioneering physicist Michael Faraday who had a workshop at Trinity Buoy Wharf, where he conducted experiments including the investigation of electric fish.

The title ‘Electric Soup’ alludes to the famous etching ‘A Monster Soup commonly called Thames Water’ by William Heath in 1828, depicting contaminants in the heavily polluted river Thames from sewage and waste in the 19th century.

Mahalski has painted many public murals in New Zealand, as well as producing sculptures, poster artwork, screen printing and photography across a variety of media. He hopes to paint more murals in exotic and unusual places around the world.

Find out about the artist - please see www.mahalski.com

Bruce Mahalski Mural on Orchard Place,                                                                                                   TRINITY BUOY WHARF – 64 ORCHARD PLACE, LONDON                                                                             E14 OJY              http://www.trinitybuoywharf.com

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Sheridan O

5 Jun 2012