What exactly is Auckland's creative ecology?


Creative Coalition announces a major research project to develop a model of Auckland's creative ecology. (View full project proposal here)

Arts policy researcher Elise Sterback will lead a mapping project of Auckland's creative ecology. She will be supported by the Creative Coalition Board to produce a robust and credible body of work that acts as a resource for the sector and relevant stakeholders. 

Due to be completed in early 2013, the Creative Coalition board decided to undertake this project due to a lack of clarity they identified being experienced by many working in and outside of the sector.

The project will provide much needed information about who the members of Auckland's creative sector are, the relationships between them, and their needs and aspirations.

The development and roll-out of this project is one of the guiding reasons Creative Coalition was formed. Since its inception in 2009, the organisation has engaged closely with the sector to identify the challenges it faces, and to act as a resource both for the sector and for public agencies and other bodies wishing to develop their understanding of the sector. 

This report will present a clear picture of Auckland’s creative ecology, from an independent sector-led perspective, producing a robust and credible resource to inform future decisionmaking and strategy affecting the sector.  

A public meeting will be held in mid to late January 2013 to invite the sector to participate in the research. This workshop will build on the workshops carried out by Creative Coalition in 2010-2011 and will feed directly into the creative ecology research project to inform its findings. 

Senior officers at Auckland Council, ATEED and Creative New Zealand have acknowledged the project and shown support and encouragement for its approach.

A survey will soon be released to invite members of Auckland's creative sector, from its major cultural institutions to both its amateur and professional practitioners, to have their say on the future of its ecology. We want your views so watch this space!

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Creative Coalition

9 Nov 2012