Four Kings by Mike Ponder

Writer Mike Ponder expects readers will find his latest novel Four Kings as tantalising as his first – given its combination of conspiracy theories involving the Royal Family with actual historical ev


Writer Mike Ponder expects readers will find his latest novel Four Kings as tantalising as his first – given its combination of conspiracy theories involving the Royal Family with actual historical events.

Much of Four Kings is focused on the impact of Mugabe’s resettlement of all white-owned farms in Zimbabwe, which had far-reaching consequences not only for farmers but for governments worldwide.  It explores one man’s quest for revenge after looters and murderers destroy his farm.

As a sequel to Mike’s first novel The Windsor Conspiracy, Four Kings welcomes back familiar characters and deepens the mystery behind the Royal Family’s involvement in world affairs. It is set not only in Zimbabwe, but also in the oil-soaked Niger Delta, the slums of Harare and in the Australian outback.

Mike says he wanted to write a novel with global appeal. The inspiration for his conspiracy theory came from reading an article about well-known people who may have used a double – Prince Charles was one of them. “Readers love conspiracy theories because they share that point of view but refuse to admit it.

 “In both my books I have woven the conspiracy theory around actual historical events which makes the plots extremely provocative for the reader,” says Mike, who is an internationally-recognised painter. “I found the plot for Four Kings so exciting I couldn’t wait to get it down on paper.”

Research involved talking to many Zimbabweans now living in New Zealand. “Some found the memories so painful they were brought to tears as they recounted their experiences,” says Mike. He hopes readers will enjoy the story. “I also would like to think that they gain a better understanding of the nightmare Zimbabweans were forced to endure. I know they will learn a little about diamonds.”

Mike has been to all the international locations in Four Kings, including tuna fishing in southern Mexico and exploring the Channel Country in Australia’s outback. The diversity of his career, which also involves New Zealand’s wine and olive oil industries, has given him opportunities for an amazing amount of world travel, he says. “The many experiences, adventures, disappointments and successes along the way have all helped to make me what I am, and how I write.”

Four Kings will be launched in Wellington at Eastbourne’s Rona Gallery, 151 Muritai Rd, on Tuesday 11 December, from 6.30pm, followed by a book signing on Thursday 13 December at Blenheim’s Paper Plus.

Word count: 78,000

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About the author

Mike Ponder was born in 1943 and educated at Hutt Valley High School, Wellington, New Zealand.  Since then he has developed an international reputation for his art and his wine, as well as garnering recognition as a pioneer of the New Zealand olive oil industry, thanks to his best selling 1998 book, The Good Oil.  He has also produced three books of his art.  His first novel The Windsor Conspiracy was published in 2007. Its international success compelled the sequel, Four Kings. Mike divides his time between New Zealand and Australia.  His interests include forestry, grape growing and breeding Shorthorn cattle. He is married with two daughters, and four granddaughters.

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Gayelene Holly

30 Nov 2012