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The Unmissable Survive & Thrive is Back


The future is here already - are we all ready? Survive & Thrive believes that it’s up to us to take charge of the disruption and fast-paced change living in the ‘future now’ brings and our line-up of local and international speakers and specialists will explore just that.

Survive & Thrive is New Zealands smart-thinking event for creators, innovators, and anyone keen to use design and arts-led practice to build resilience in their career, business or organisation.

This year, Survive & Thrive will be held on 13-14 September, at AUT University’s Sir Paul Reeves Building. A rich mix of inspiring world-class speakers, practical workshops, networking, one-on-one mentoring, and independent sessions led by sector organisations, makes this an unmissable professional and enterprise development event.

Now spread over TWO days make this an event that meets your needs.

On Friday weave your way through any of our four strands – Going Global, Site Pacific, For a Better World and Resilience Rules to pick and mix a day that matters most to you.

There are big issues to grapple with and at Survive & Thrive we will begin a number of conversations through four programme strands:

  • Site Pacific - Paora Joseph, Harry Silver, Kim Newall, Grace Taylor and Nick Gerritsen will talk about how we stand in relation to the past, how that shapes our different personal and professional identities, and also how that influences the way we face the future.
  • Going Global – with Mike Mizrahi, Luca Van Brandenburg and Rebecca Mills. How have different creative entrepreneurs successfully developed opportunities for their products and services outside their cultural comfort zone? With Asia on New Zealand’s doorstep, there’s a growing interest across the creative economy to reach out and engage new audiences and customers over there.
  • For a better world - Join positive agitators Cate McQuillen, Richard Reid, Jerome Partington and Vivian Hutchinson talking about ‘a Better World'. When we accept that a critical collapse in our environment and economy is no longer in the future, but is unfolding here and now, it is positive agitators we must call on to shift us into new ways of being.
  • Resilience rules - Join Alex Hillman, Jo Randerson, David McGregor and Charlie McDermott in our Resilience rules sessions as they explore the addage - change IS constant [and often unpredictable]. They will share stories of conflict, collaboration, community as well as crisis in building personal resilience and how the creative community can contribute responding to global crises and making a unique contribution to building humanity’s collective resilience.

Then on Saturday, you’ll be provoked! It's all about Provoking Open Participation or ‘POP’

  • In the morning, POP: Share sessions led by industry organisations will jump-start your day.
  • Then in the afternoon, join POP: Action [our open source programme led by Dr Ralph Kerle], where YOU provide the content by sharing knowledge and exchanging ideas with other thinkers, makers and doers.

Survive & Thrive is New Zealand’s smart-thinking event for artists, creators, innovators and entrepreneurs…you’d be mad to miss it.

Further information: 

Buy tickets for Survive & Thrive. Places are limited so pre-registration is essential.

Venue: Sir Paul Reeves Building [WG], Auckland University of Technology Campus, Mayoral Drive, Auckland

Date & Time: Friday 13 and Saturday 14th of September

Survive & Thrive, New Zealand’s smart-thinking event for artists, creators, innovators and entrepreneurs, is brought to you by Arts Regional Trust (ART) and The Big Idea.

Survive & Thrive is supported by Auckland University of Technology, ASB Community Trust, Phantom Billstickers and The Biz Dojo.

Keynote speakers:

Marianne Doczi [future thinker and commentator] has a long history of being ahead of the curve, starting a government department’s innovation fund in 1995, commissioning self-help software in 1997, running the Government’s e-commerce summit in 2000, and democratising concepts of innovation in 2007.  Through a mix of analysis and anecdote she helps people see how the future is already happening - what it might mean. Her 2006 insight work, Tuning Into Our Times - how culture, commerce, connectivity and China were converging to change our world, is still current. Indeed even more so with the rise of social commerce, and the emergence of share/mesh/make communities.

Innovation specialist, Dr Ralph Kerle, [named as one of IBM's 100 Global Creative Leaders in 2011], is an internationally respected thought leader, innovation consultant, writer & designer of executive programmes on leadership, creativity and innovation. He is also the creator of the Management Innovation Index, an analytic that benchmarks and measures innovation. His commercial experience includes consulting on strategic innovation planning and implementation in global top 500 companies, designing and delivering creativity and innovation workshops.

From her home base in the Northern Rivers Region of NSW, Emmy Award winning Cate McQuillan and her partner Hewey Eustace are mememe productions, creating 'out there' children's programming for a new generation of content seekers. With a myriad of skills and interests, her greatest assets are her approach and attitude and ability to generate ideas, motivate, inspire and see the 'big picture'. Their mission is to produce relevant, cutting edge, musicentric transmedia storytelling for digital natives. They are the creators and Australian producers of the ‘eco- hit’ dirtgirlworld.

From the USA, Alex Hillman cofounded one of the first and longest standing coworking spaces, named Indy Hall (short for “Independents Hall”), in 2006 and has gone on to use it as a model for assisting in the building and growth of countless communities around the world since then. As a consultant, he is focused on helping buil communities that are hyper-connected, highly productive, and selfsustaining. Alex’s insights and techniques were part of the community building roadmap for Las Vegas’s celebrated Downtown Project. Alex has been cited as an expert on coworking & community building by the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, Philadelphia Inquirer, Philadelphia Business Journal, WIRED magazine, Philadelphia magazine, and others.

More Information:

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Written by

Arts Regional Trust

23 Aug 2013

The Arts Regional Trust : Te Taumata Toi-a-Iwi is an arts and creative industries development agency and a leading investor in growing entrepreneurship in Auckland’s creative sector.