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Raglan Sleeping Lady by Sam Mathers
Kereru by Jane Sinclair


The New Zealand Art Show encourages artists to join New Zealand’s newest online gallery

“New Zealand artists, living in New Zealand and abroad, should sign up for”, says Carla Russell, director of New Zealand’s newest internet-based art exhibition portal.

Russell, the Executive Director of the New Zealand Art Show, reports a healthy start since its launch in October, 2012 with many artists applying for the online gallery and over 17,000 visitors to the site. She says that this is a terrific result considering the number of online options available. She is urging all New Zealand artists to view as the website to promote their art and is offering a back-to school discount for artists who sign up in February.

The site is owned by the New Zealand Art Show, who also operates the annual event, the New Zealand Art Show: the largest exhibition of quality original New Zealand art at affordable prices. Carla says that the online gallery is a logical step for artists who have been at the show as a means to promote their art to the world, stating that the website generates guaranteed traffic, considerably more than what a personal website would attract.

"With around 5,000 visitors a month since the site launched, this number will increase as the dates for the 2013 New Zealand Art Show approaches. I’m optimistic that our website is one of the best sites to service artists’ promotional needs".

The site boasts a great number of quality emerging artists including Ben Timmins, Steve Thomson, Jodene Goatley Rika Nagahata, Jane Sinclair and Sam Mathers. Most of the artists on the site have exhibited with the New Zealand Art Show, with many of them getting their big break at the show. Some of them have even won national art awards.

Compared to similar sites, has so much to offer artists and visitors:

  • A collection of inspiring emerging New Zealand artists – perfect for collectors to discover the potential stars of tomorrow 
  • The site has a very striking design – fresh, sleek and simple - and artworks are viewed very easily
  • Very easy to navigate. 
  • The images are sized for maximum viewing – visitors get a great idea of what the art works look like. 
  • Visitors can contact artists directly through the site making potential negotiations a lot simpler. 
  • The site is promoted regularly through its normal channels – printed press, online advertising and notifications to its considerable databases. 
  • The New Zealand Art Show takes no commission on artworks sold through the site. 

The New Zealand Art Show is quick to point out that artists on the site have been given the New Zealand Art Show seal of approval: all applicants need to go through a selection process before they are accepted for the site, ensuring a minimum level of quality. Artists wishing to join can take advantage of the back-to-school special and apply via the website -

For more information please contact the following:

Contact Name:  Midge Murray,


Telephone:  04 387 4370


About and the New Zealand Art Show is the official website for the New Zealand Art Show. It holds all the information about the New Zealand Art Show organisation and event as well as providing an exhibition platform through its online gallery.

The New Zealand Art Show is the organisational body behind the annual art exhibition also known as the New Zealand Art Show, the largest exhibition of its kind: quality, original New Zealand art at affordable prices.

The New Zealand Art Show is governed by the New Zealand Affordable Art Trust (NZAAT). Its vision is to promote New Zealand artists and help them access resources and opportunities to further their development, and to promote the appreciation of New Zealand art to the wider public.

The NZAAT is a registered charity (# CC28710) under the Charities Act 2005.

Trustees: Graeme Reeves (Chair), Frances Russell, Jo Hughes, Fraser Carson, Richard Nelson, Neil Plimmer, Neil Paviour –Smith and Anne Stephenson.

Contact details: 
Midge Murray, , 04 387 4370,

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New Zealand Art Show

7 Feb 2013

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