Taupo Museum Celebrates Sound

Celebrate Sound at Taupo Museum


Taupo Museum celebrates sound.  

Sounds Like Us, 2 March – 9 April 

Mods, Rockers & Jukeboxes, 2 March – 16 April

Taupo Museum celebrates the cultural and social history of sound in New Zealand through two exciting exhibitions during March and April. Sounds Like Us is a touring exhibition which aims to reflect the importance of radio in New Zealand’s cultural and social history.

The year 2011 marked 100 years since radio signals were first broadcast in New Zealand and to celebrate the event Radio New Zealand Sound Archives identified one hundred inspiring pieces of audio which show how public radio has been involved in New Zealand culture over this time. Audio stations allow the audience to hear major news events, musical features, sporting achievements, and great radio moments from the past.

Incorporated in the exhibition are fifteen radios in the style of some iconic New Zealand cultural expressions -- known as Kiwiana. These fantastical creations, from desserts and wool sheds to bush walks and fast food, are superbly designed and constructed by the famous team at Weta Workshop and will produce a chuckle of recognition in just about everyone.

The Sounds Like Us exhibition has been designed to give the Kiwi Culture a voice and reflects it in a fun and contemporary way that engages the audience. Mod’s, Rockers and Jukeboxes, curated by Taupo Museum also reflects the cultural history of music in New Zealand with a display of jukeboxes from the private collection of local businessman Kevin Cotton. ‘We consider ourselves extremely privileged not only to be able to display these fantastic jukeboxes but also to be given the opportunity to record and share the story of the Cotton family’s involvement in the jukebox industry and their influence on the Milk Bar and Hotel culture in New Zealand,” says Exhibitions Officer Kerence Stephen.

Displayed alongside the jukeboxes will be images of some of New Zealand’s sub-cultures including rockabillies, mods and rockers captured by Martin Horspool. Horspool, a Welshman, attended art colleges in Wrexham and Liverpool, where his passion for 1950s and 60s industrial design originated. Now living the dream in New Zealand, he is also known as the Robot Man for his fabulous robot creations.

In this exhibition his documentary style of photography finds him searching for interesting characters and settings, especially groups of hot-rodders, punks or bikers hanging around vintage vehicles. “These groups of individuals all have their own definitive style and dress code, celebrated in these photos,” says Martin. “I aim to take photos without being noticed by the subject, with natural expressions, before people start to react to a camera lens.”

Taupo Museum wishes to thank Jude Walcott of Radio New Zealand, Kevin Cotton, Martin Horspool and Taup? Furniture Removals whose support has made these exciting exhibitions possible.

Sounds Like Us is on display in the Main Gallery from 2 March until 9 April. Mods, Rockers and Jukeboxes also opens on 2 March and will be displayed in the Niven room until 16 April.

Taupo Museum is open daily from 10:00am until 4:30pm. END For further information contact: Kerence Stephen Exhibitions Officer Taupo Museum Ph 376 1583 kstephen@taupo.govt.nz www.taupo.govt.nz

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22 Feb 2013