APRA Professional Development Awards 2013


Applications for the APRA Professional Development Awards 2013 are now open!

The APRA Professional Development Awards (PDAs) are presented biennially by APRA to the ‘shining lights’ within our song writing industry.

The PDAs are open to New Zealand songwriters who can demonstrate that they possess outstanding potential in their field. There are three PDAs awarded each round, each receiving $12,000 cash towards development activities such as: overseas travel to enable recipients to attend music education classes; participating in co-writing activities; song writing workshops, composer seminars and/ or other relevant opportunities.

The APRA Professional Development Awards (PDAs) were first awarded in Australia in 2001 to mark APRA's 75th Anniversary. New Zealand presented its first PDA in 2005. The awards were received so enthusiastically by the music industry that the APRA board decided to make the PDAs a permanent fixture on the APRA cultural calendar. As a result, every two years eleven PDAs are awarded to APRA songwriters across Australasia.

For more information and to apply, visit: http://www.apra.co.nz/apra-awards/professional-development-awards.aspx

Applications close Friday 8th February 2013.

Contact details: 
Petrina George, pgeorge@apra.co.nz, 09 623 4717

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14 Jan 2013