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Political History Project “The story of one Green MP - Keith Locke”


Political History Project “The story of one Green MP - Keith Locke”

CAN YOU HELP? Ruth Greenaway has recorded a 14 hour long life history interview with former Green MP – Keith Locke. So that Ruth can continue to work on this project and turn this into an archive of recordings and annotated transcript for the Alexander Turnbull Library she is seeking financial help through the PledgeMe crowd funding website.

People can make anonymous pledge starting from $5. She currently needs around 300 people to each pledge $10 to raise the last $3000 needed. Pledges close 12th February. Here’s the link to the PledgeMe website -

Keith says, “I am sure the result will be of considerable value to many people engaged with our political history. Like all the best oral histories the resulting tapes provide a good mix of the personal, social and political – in this case over many decades. I will find the tapes valuable myself, for the political history I intend to write. The dialogue dredged out of my mind some long forgotten, but important, experiences."

Ruth Greenaway is a freelance oral historian who has completed oral history projects over the past 14 years in areas of environmentalism, peace, social justice as well as family and community histories. For information about Ruth’s work refer to:
Twitter: @ruthgreenaway/tapestries

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Ruth Greenaway

16 Jan 2013