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UpStage online Platform to Celebrate 10 Years


The innovative cyberformance platform UpStage, developed in Wellington and Auckland, will celebrate 10 years of online creativity and live performance on 9-10 January 2014.

Over the last decade, UpStage has established itself internationally in the field of networked arts, flying the flag for Kiwi innovation and creativity at arts festivals and conferences around the world. The UpStage team has organised and hosted six online festivals featuring the work of hundreds of artists and freely attended by thousands of people around the world, and continually maintained and developed the software.

Open source and open access, UpStage has opened the minds of children, artists, audiences, developers and researchers to the possibilities of collaborative online creativity.

Read more here about what UpStage is and has achieved so far:

A donations appeal has been launched to raise funds for the birthday celebrations; the full media release is attached.

The birthday celebrations will include the launch of UpStage version 3, incorporating audio-visual streaming and many exciting new enhancements. Several cyberformances (live online performances by artists around the world) are being prepared to launch and showcase v3, and a networked discussion between venues in Munich and Wellington will investigate and reflect on the concept of cyberformance. As well as these events - all free for you to join online from wherever you are in the world - there will be a planning meeting in Wellington to address the ongoing sustainability and future of UpStage.

For more information, please contact Vicki Smith and Helen Varley Jamieson at info(at)upstage(dot)org(dot)nz

vicki smith & helen varley jamieson
Ten Years of UpStage! 9-10 January 2014

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14 Oct 2013