Waiting rooms are art spaces


How long have you ever had to wait? Has waiting ruined your life or made it better? Have we lost the art of waiting?

The next time you find yourself in a waiting room it just might be the latest work by local performance artist VIctoria Singh: "Waiting Room".

Location:123 Cuba Street – Cuba Mall

Duration: March 9- March 23, 2014

Website: www.waitingroom.info

The “Waiting Room” project will investigate the art of being patient and/or the frustration of impatience. The artist has transformed a vacant commercial public space at 123 Cuba Street in Wellington’s Cuba Mall into a waiting room and it now looks like a regular “every-day” downtown business complete with a sandwich board that reads “Waiting Room”.

The public's reaction to the room will change when they realize that it is not a real waiting room! This may surprise, startle or amuse the public. The viewer can come and sit in the room that is complete with magazines, and children’s toys. They can talk to the receptionist (performed by the artist Victoria Singh) or each other if there is more than one visitor in the space. They can also share how waiting has effected their lives in writing or video interview.

The video interviews will play in a monitor in the space as the work evolves over the two weeks. The written stories will also be available to read. A special soundtrack of waiting room music has been composed by Derek Champion who has worked with many musicians including New Zealand legend Bill Direen.

Written by

Victoria Singh

8 Mar 2014