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FAUNA - New Paintings by Paul Walsh


If you live in Auckland, chances are you have seen some of Paul Walsh's art. Since 2013 he has been painting Chorus cabinets around the city – the ubiquitous metal boxes that line our city streets – and to date he has painted fifteen of them around Auckland, with plans to paint more.

Because these cabinets are the physical conduits of the Internet, Paul used Internet culture as his inspiration – in particular, “memes”, those humorous images that have spread throughout social media over the last decade.

His artworks have been embraced by the local communities, and the Internet also loved them – the images of his cabinets were featured on dozens of blogs and street art websites, and were viewed over 12 million times via the social media website Reddit alone. Paul was subsequently interviewed by CNN's Headline News, influential art blog My Modern Met, and a public TV show on the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.

Now, Paul is having an exhibition of paintings inspired by his Chorus cabinet artworks in Auckland. Entitled FAUNA, the exhibition will feature over a dozen large animal-themed canvases; involving everything from dogs and bears, to pigeons and dinosaurs. Opening at 6pm on Thursday 23rd July, it will be held in Gallery 108, on the ground floor of the Ironbank building on Karangahape Road, and will run for just two days. 

Thanks to the Biz Dojo and Hallertau Brewery.

Written by

Paul Walsh

6 Jul 2015