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To Voice: Introducing Hong Kong's Umbrella Movement

Tse Pak Chai, 2014-09-30 Mongkok, 2014
Te Tuhi is proud to present To Voice: Introducing Hong Kong's Umbrella Movement.


Te Tuhi is proud to present To Voice: Introducing Hong Kong's Umbrella Movement.

To Voice shares a selection of informal protest art created during Hong Kong's 2014 Umbrella Movement. Hong Kong-based curator, artist and urbanist Sampson WONG has grouped together the work of artists, collectives and grassroots activities to provide a window into how creative practitioners became an important driving force within the Umbrella Movement.

The exhibition features various innovative strategies ranging from the Voices on Skin Project that supplied protest slogans as temporary tattoos, to the multi-lingual online message board by The Add Oil Team, and the photography of TSE Pak Chai documenting the ingenuity of the protest barricades.

Involving hundreds of thousands of people who occupied different parts of the city for over 70 days, the Umbrella Movement sought to bring democratic issues to the fore and pressed for real universal suffrage to be implemented by 2017.

The protest not only captured international attention for the intensity and scale of Hong Kong's collective vocalisation but also for the peaceful, determined and creative resolution of the protesters. Political and aesthetic interventions created in the occupied zones materialised out of a desire to express solidarity and to organise micro-communities within the area. These were also used as ad hoc design solutions and barricades, a physical manifestation of Hong Kong's will to voice.

The works, together with ephemeral artefacts gathered from the occupations, provide a concise and informative glimpse of the considerable creativity that flourished during Hong Kong's Umbrella protest.

To Voice is a travelling exhibition from The Physics Room in Christchurch.

Birdy CHU // Swing LAM // PAK Sheung Chuen // Chong Suen // TSE Pak Chai // Justin WONG // Chu Cheuk Ying // The Add Oil team // Mr & Ms Hong Kong People project // This Is Our Moment project // Voices On Skin project // The Umbrella Movement Visual Archive

Curated by Melanie Oliver & Sampson Wong Produced by The Physics Room, Christchurch

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Amy Weng- email:, ph: 09 577 0138