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Lean Means (FESTA 2016's headline event)

22 Oct 2016
Saturday 22 October (rain date 23 October)
Enjoy a spectacular temporary city made from reused ‘waste’ materials, where inner city spaces are transformed with imaginative installations.
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Christchurch City
National, Canterbury


The main event for FESTA 2016 is live for one night only: Saturday 22 October (rain date 23 October). Enjoy a spectacular temporary city made from reused ‘waste’ materials, where inner city spaces are transformed with imaginative installations.

Come into the city to experience a bold, reimagined Christchurch in a collective celebration with thousands of Cantabrians as well as visitors.

Free and open to all, Lean Means is FESTA’s headline event – a spectacular temporary city packed with imaginative installations, performance, markets, food, bars, music, art and more.

Lean Means creatively explores the sustainable ways we could regenerate our city with a night of colour, light and people. In an international collaborations involving Creative Director Jos de Krieger (Superuse Studios) and students from seven leading design and architecture schools from across Australasia, inner city spaces are transformed with imaginative installations fabricated from reused ‘waste’ materials.

Highlights include:

  • A parade of Waste Warriors (a wearable art parade for children) kicks things off at 5.15pm. Click here for costume ideas and here to find out about Creative Junk’s Open Day, where you can make an outfit from reused materials.
  • Throughout the night of Lean Means three leading contemporary artists – Juliet Arnott of Rekindle, artist Julia Morison and movement artist Julia Harvie – weave their work into the event.
  • Christchurch Art Gallery and COCA are staying open late for night viewings of their exhibitions.
  • A night market has second-hand goods and upcyclced items on offer.
  • A pop-up restaurant celebrates local, sustainable fare where diners encounter the full food system within a bespoke pavilion.
  • The Village of Resourcefulness celebrates making the most of our
    means as skilled craftspeople undertake high quality crafts that are
    zero waste in nature in a village of temporary shelters. These
    structures are designed and fabricated from waste materials.
  • Our Daily Waste is helping us to make sure this festival minimises its waste as much as possible.

This collaboration involves Superuse Studios; Unitec, Department of Architecture; AUT, Spatial Design; Massey University, School of Design at the College of Creative Arts; Ara School of Architectural Studies; University of Technology Sydney, Architecture School; University of South Australia, Art, Architecture and Design; University of Adelaide, School of Architecture and Built Environment.


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Festival of Transitional Architecture

16 Aug 2016

FESTA is a biennial weekend celebration of urban creativity in Christchurch. It all starts with a horde of creative people who imagine how Christchurch could be different.