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Frame Works

Frame Work by Evan Woodruffe (detail)
Frame Work by Martin Horspool (Noah I. Deer)
Frame Work by Delicia Sampero (Framed!)
Frame Work by Mia Hamilton
Frame Work by John Nicol
22 Apr 2017 to 30 Apr 2017
9am Saturday 22 April to 3pm Sunday 30 April
A fun family activity, download our app and follow the trail to find all the Frame Works!
Event type: 
Art, Exhibition, OTHER
Auckland CBD
From Britomart to AUT through Fort St, High St, O'Connell St, Lorne St and the laneways.
National, Auckland


About Frame Works

What makes up the framework of your life? Home, work, friendship, family?

Frame Works has invited over 90 New Zealand artists to express the framework of life. Artists will transform a plain wooden 12" x 16" frame into a unique and desirable piece of art, many representing home, belonging, community and contributing to society... our ‘Frame Work’ of life.  From 22 April 2017 these frames will be displayed in shop windows in a walkable trail from Britomart to AUT through the Laneways, High St, O'Connell St, Chancery and Lorne St.

Art lovers, families and the community will be able to find and choose their favourite pieces, with an app and a map to help locate the artworks.

On 2 May 2017 there will be an art sale of the Frame Works in a gala event, by live and online auctions, with experienced art auctioneer Charles Ninow, of Bowerbank Ninow, at HipGroup’s fabulous Quay Project in Britomart. This fundraiser is run by the Asylum Seekers Support Trust - a charitable organisation that advocates for and supports asylum seekers – and proceeds will be used to continue our important work with these vulnerable members of our community.

The artists include:

Abdelkhalik El Fatlawi, Adrian Jackman, Alvin Xiong, Anita Levering, Anna Leyland, Audrey Boyle, Basia Smolnicki, Ben Pearce, Bev Goodwin, Carolyn Lawrence, Cathy Carter, Cheryl and James Wright, Chris Moore, Christian Nicolson, Christine Cathie, Claudia Jowitt, Darryl Fagence, David Trubridge, Delicia Sampero, Denise Batchelor, Diane Scott, Dominique Baker, Donna Sarten, Ema Frost, Evan Woodruffe, Fane Flaws, Fiona Kerr Gedson, Flox, Gabriel Heimler and Anna Proc, Gitte Steen, Helen Holmes, Janet Mazenier, Jeff Thomson, Jenny McLeod, Jessica Pearless, Jo Blogg, Joanna Fieldes, Jo Tito, John Nicol, Josh Lancaster, Jun Arita, Karin Barr, Kenneth Merrick, Larisse Hall, Lipika Sen and Prabhjyot Majithia, Lucy Bucknall, Malangeo (Michael Kennedy), Margaret Johnston,  Marte Szirmay, Marti Wong, Martin Horspool, Matt Dowman, Matt Palmer, Meghan Jackson, Merle Bishop, Mia Hamilton, Mica Still, Natalie Couch, Neal Palmer, Paul Walsh, Peata Larkin, Penny Howard, Philip Tse, Philippa Bentley, Ramon Robertson, Rebecca Rose, Renee Boyd, Robin Ranga, Rose Petterson, Ross Forbes, Rozana Lee, Rudi Buchanan Strewe, Sally Fagence, Sally Lush, Sallyann Hingston, Samantha Lissette, Simon McIntyre, Sofia Athineou, Tammy Williams, Todd Sheridan, Tracey Tawhiao, Veronica Herber, Weilun Ha, Yonel Watene

Please see www.frameworks.org.nz or follow us on www.facebook.com/Frameworks.nz  Twitter, or Instagram @frameworks4asst

About Asylum Seekers Support Trust

Asylum Seekers Support Trust (ASST) works with people like you and me, whose framework of home is destroyed by political instability, war or persecution. We help them to rebuild their framework. ASST provides emergency support for asylum seekers and their families as they seek to create a new life for themselves.

ASST provides basic human needs such as accommodation, food, access to medical care, education for the children, English language classes to people who are seeking protection in New Zealand while they go through the legal process of applying to have their refugee status recognized.

Approximately 350 people seek asylum in New Zealand each year, from many countries including Syria, Ethiopia and Pakistan.

Please see www.asst.org.nz for further information.

Written by

Alix Bachmann

23 Feb 2017