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"Close...Closer" Oil Paintings by Jules Silk

6 Oct 2017 to 12 Oct 2017
Mon-Thurs 9-7 pm |Fri 9-5pm |Sat 9-4 pm
Oil Paintings by Artist Jules Silk
Event type: 
Art, Exhibition
Upstairs Gallery 10
Studio One Toi Tü 1 Ponsonby Road Auckland city



The work has a very soft and sensuous feel to it, allowing viewers to walk their eyes through the many subtleties.  She uses a very limited palate which in itself is striking and the result is a quality that only paint can give.

Viewing the skin close up focuses not on the forensic qualities but in the luminous surface and the unique creases and folds of Skin, where it starts to pucker and where mysterious lines emerge then disappear.

Sensual, alluring, these paintings seem to arouse in one a feeling of disturbance. We are never quite sure what we are actually looking at.

“To look at a thing is not the same as really seeing a thing," Oscar Wilde suggests, "until one sees its beauty.”

In our busy lives we don’t often stop long enough to look at the simplest of things like Skin . We get so focused on needing to know what something is first  … but, these paintings ask, do we need to know? 



Tuesday 10th October 

Come, hang out and be inspired by the intimate, sensuous oil paintings by Jules Silk.

Joining her is Catherine Chappell who will take her lead from the paintings and guide you through the art of Improv Dance .

There are limited spaces so please RSVP on the website thank you.

Written by

Jules Silk

6 Sep 2017