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Sculpture in the Gardens 2017-2018

Sam Duckor-Jones' 'Full length mirror'
11 Nov 2017 to 25 Feb 2018
Open every day 11 November until 25 February 2018
Sculpture in the Gardens is a free public event over summer exhibiting work from 20 artists along a 2km trail through the gorgeous gardens. Enjoy over 20 permanent sculptural works too.
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Art, Exhibition, Public Art
Auckland Botanic Gardens
102 Hill Road, Manurewa, Auckland, 2105


Sculpture in the Gardens is a free public event held for 3 months biennially at the Auckland Botanic Gardens. The exhibition’s main feature is a 2km sculpture trail through the Gardens. 20 outdoor works from the exhibiting arists are exhibited. The event also features an extensive indoor gallery of small sculptural works, glass, medallion works, and jewellery. Free guided walks, entertainment and workshops can be sought out; and specialty walks for elderly, and for blind guests are also provided. 

This exhibition is the 6th Sculpture in the Gardens, and celebrates 10 years since its inception - as such we will also celebrate the permanent sculptural works that now form a collection of over 20. 

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Sculpture in the Gardens

25 Sep 2017

Sculpture in the Gardens is an iconic exhibition of New Zealand sculpture set in the stunning Auckland Botanic Gardens.