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Shen Yun - 2018 World Tour

Shen Yun 2018 World Tour
17 Feb 2018 to 18 Feb 2018
19:30pm Sat 17 Feb, 13pm and 18pm Sun 18 Feb, 2018
Shen Yun takes you on an unforgettable adventure of a lost civilisation and leaving millions around the world in awe. Many say there are no words to describe it—you have to see it with your own eyes.
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Dance, Music, Show
NZ$209, $169, $155, $139, $125, $110
Aotea Theatre, ASB Theatre
50 Mayoral Drive, Auckland, New Zealand 1010
Northland, Auckland



A Gift from Heaven

IN ANCIENT TIMES, China was known as the Land of the Divine. Everyone, from emperors to the common people, believed that their culture was a gift from heaven. They lived in harmony with the universe and saw a connection among all things. Traditional Chinese culture carried these principles for thousands of years—until this world was lost.

New York-based Shen Yun now invites you to visit this lost civilisation. To make this journey possible, Shen Yun has pushed the boundaries of performing arts. Shen Yun combines ancient legends with technological innovations, and historically authentic costumes with breathtaking animated backdrops. Shen Yun lets classical Chinese dance do the storytelling, and shares with you beautifully diverse ethnic and folk traditions. Filled with an enchanting orchestral sound, this is a mesmerising experience you won’t find anywhere else.

A Lost Treasure—You Cannot See in China Today

The authentic Chinese culture Shen Yun presents can’t be seen in another show or even in China. There, the Communist Party sees traditional culture as a threat to its power and for decades has tried to destroy it. It nearly succeeded.

But in 2006, a group of elite Chinese artists came together in New York with a mission—to revive traditional culture and share it with the world. They created Shen Yun and brought this majestic culture back from the brink of extinction.

Wherever Shen Yun Goes Theaters Are Packed

Shen Yun returns to ASB Theatre, Aotea Centre from 17 - 18 February 2018, as part of its global tour with an all-new program of around twenty masterful dances and songs bring Asia’s celebrated past to life on stage with live orchestra.

Shen Yun is leaving millions around the world in awe.  It is an unforgettable journey! Some people fly from other countries or drive hundreds of miles to see it. Others see the same show five or six times. Why? Many say there are no words to describe it—you have to see it with your own eyes. 

For more Information about the show: www.shenyun.com/Auckland

It is a global sensation and has been highly recommended by global artist and famous star. 

“It was an extraordinary experience ...”
                         - Cate Blanchett, Academy Award-winning actress

“This show demonstrates the deep, deep, deep artistic soul of China..”
                        -Anthony Daniels, played C3PO in Star Wars,

"The show is enormously uplifting. The diversity and the quality of the performance was really first class."
                        -Kate Reilly, artistic director of Melbourne School of Classical Dance

“Everything was depicted in the music. And the other thing is the gracefulness of both the men and the women. And their rhythm ... it’s just amazing...I am absolutely delighted.  I will see it again."
                        - Dame Malvina Major, world-renowned New Zealander opera singer

"5,000 years of Chinese music and dance, in one night"

                       - New York Times

“Brilliant choreography… extravagantly beautiful.”

                       - Broadway World

“A vision of loveliness, from the very first moment.”

                       - Talkin’ Broadway

“Superb! Every performance was stunning”

                       - WNYC

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Shen Yun Promo NZ

2 Nov 2017