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The Writing Room - July 3rd

3 Jul 2018
7.00 - 9.30pm Tuesday July 3rd
Hey Auckland Writers - Wish there was a space where you could focus on your writing and hang out with other writers?
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Studio One Toi Tu
1 Ponsonby Road (K Rd end) Ponsonby Auckland


Hey Auckland Writers - wish you could write more often and more productively?

The Writing Room is an inspiring, friendly space created for writers who want to get stuff done or writers who just want to play. 

We hold a regular Write-In Session the first Tuesday of every month - and now you can drop in on a casual basis.  Book Here:

Grab your spot and make yourself a writing appointment.

What happens at a Write-In Session?  

We start with creative warm-up exercises, we write and then we socialise.

When: 1st Tuesday of every month.

Where: Studio One, Ponsonby Road

If you want to read more about joining The Writing Room Group you can do that here. 

Facilitator:  Kathryn Burnett

How does a Write-In Session Work? 

The facilitator runs you through a creative warm-up exercise, then we write and then we write some more. Then we stop and socialise over a glass.

What Do I Bring?

Your idea or project, a laptop or pen & pad, and water bottle. (Plus something warm - just in case.)

What if I Don't Have An Idea to Work On?

Don't worry.  Some people don't have a specific project they come to Write-Ins just to enjoy the creative act of writing and stay creatively limber.  

Do I Have To Share My Work? 

Not at all. The primary focus of a Write-In is getting words on the page. 

Which Kind of Writers Can Attend?

Any kind, it doesn't matter what you're working on or what level you're at.  This friendly space is for you to work on whatever you want to progress.

What people are saying...

 "At Kathryn's first write in, I managed 1,170 words of my horror novel "Painted". I think I managed that in an hour!" Kirsten McKenzie 

"Seriously helpful in enabling you to actually get sh*t done - which is a major hurdle for plenty of writers." Jack C

"Accountability works - another great evening of making progress on my novel."  Fiona Hall

"Setting aside time (without wifi) just for writing. So obvious, so difficult." Anna F

Written by

Kathryn Burnett

18 Feb 2018