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An Inspector Calls - An all time classic thriller

An Inspector Calls Poster
Erin McCarthy as Daisy in An Inspector Calls
An Inspector Calls Photo Shoot 2
22 Jun 2018 to 7 Jul 2018
8pm Tue-Sat, 2pm/4pm Sun
A gripping thriller considered to be one of Priestley's greatest works
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$28 Adults, $24 Seniors, $16 Students
Dolphin Theatre
12 Spring Street, Onehunga


By J B Priestley
Directed by Glenda Pearce

Set in England in 1912, the play opens with the Birling family celebrating their daughter’s engagement. An inspector calls to question them about the apparent suicide of a young woman. We learn everyone is implicated in her undoing. The tension that follows climaxes with an astounding revelation. A masterpiece that forces the audience to reflect on how their actions affect others.

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Dolphin Theatre

23 May 2018

Dolphin Theatre began as The Onehunga Repertory Players in 1961. Mrs Veronica Dow, an actress and producer who had been active in English repertory theatre, was invited by the Mayor and Mayoress, Mr and Mrs Leo Manning, to form a local drama group.