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Encaustic Painting Weekend Workshop

Nicki Stewart- encaustic studio
fusing the encaustic surface with Nicki Stewart
21 Jul 2018 to 22 Jul 2018
Saturday/Sunday 10am - 4pm
A two-day workshop with a thorough introduction to all the basic techniques required to work with wax. This workshop will set you up to continue in your own encaustic painting practice.
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Featherston (venue to be confirmed)
Wairarapa, Wellington


Join Nicki for a magical weekend exploring the ancient art of painting with wax - an art form that has evolved into one of the most versatile mediums available to contemporary artists.

We will be introduced to the preparation of grounds and materials, exploring the basic techniques of layering, fusing, blending, image transfer, embossing, embedding elements and incorporating mixed media such as paper, fabric, oil paint, ink and pastels as well as a variety of mark-making techniques. 

Encaustic is compatible with any oil-based medium and as such we will explore how it can be incorporated into a regular studio practice. 

Encaustic can be applied to paper, photographs, wood, ceramic and plaster surfaces. No matter what your current medium or genre, encaustic has much to offer for the multimedia artist.

This course will provide you with all the information and practice you need to start creating your own beautiful works in wax. 

To register click on this link : http://waxworksencaustics.co.nz/encaustic-painting-weekend-workshop-coming-3-2-2/ 

or email : nickistewart@waxworksencaustics.co.nz 



Written by

Nicki Stewart - encaustic artist

2 Jul 2018

Trained in  Interior and Textile Design, Nicki has been painting since 1998. Her chosen medium is encaustic (beeswax and damar resin). Encaustic is an ancient and enduring technique predating oil painting and was used by the Egyptians to decorate their sarcophagi.