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Auckland Artweek in Parnell - Parnell, the threads that bind us.

Artweek in Parnell
6 Oct 2018
11am - 3pm
A day of celebrating Auckland's oldest suburb through art in all its forms. Welcome to 'Parnell, the threads that bind us'.
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Parnell Road
Start the morning at Stitch and Bitch Lounge Cafe, 225 Parnell Road then meander your way through the galleries and laneways, making your way up to Antione's for 2pm, 333 Parnell Road.


The Parnell we experience today is the result of creatively minded individuals who have, throughout the history of the suburb passed on their defined patterns, pathways and processes to us. Whether that be through music, the arts, hospitality, poetry, design, community creation or artisan groups, these individuals have greatly contributed to the heritage of our people and our suburb, and once again, Parnell’s people have put the suburb on the Artweek map thanks to their crafty graffiti bombing of a couple of local laneways.

Also known as yarn bombing, it’s a type of graffiti or street art that employs colourful displays of knitted or crocheted yarn or fibre rather than paint or chalk, and on Saturday October the 6th, Parnell is the space to be in Auckland to witness this. 

Step into 'The Garden of Earthly Delights’ laneway at 237 Parnell Rd and be transported into a yarn-bombed paradise. Inviting you in for a peek will be the Victorian signpost at the alley entrance wrapped in yarn and turned into a magical fruit tree. See a grapevine stem winding itself across the left alley wall, all 18 metres of it. The right alley wall will be covered with a vine of knitted leaves in all colours under the sun, with doily flower heads for the knitted butterflies overhead to land on. Beware of the spiders that may be hiding in the giant knitted cobweb in the Elephant House porch roof though!

Kiwa Art is hosting Nigel How: A renowned, innovative and skilled artist who is passionate about maintaining traditional techniques in weaving, raranga, whatu and taniko. With his works on display at Museums around the country as well as working at Wairoa Museum himself, Parnell is lucky enough to have Nigel all to ourselves for Artweek 2018.  Nigel will be in Kiwa Art on October 6th, weaving his magic into our suburb for the day which will no doubt be magical to witness. Come and not only have a look at Nigel whilst he weaves, but also say hello and have a chat to the man himself.

Black Door Gallery presents Whisper & Shout. This dynamic exhibition will explore how artists can turn up or down the volume of their ideas through scale. Artists across a range of mediums will present artwork of two different sizes- both large and small. These pairings will show how an artist’s playfulness with scale creates unique perspectives on the underlying concept.

Jos Coufreur will be a featured artist in this exhibition. Coufreur's new works fittingly find their inspiration in the heritage buildings of Parnell. Coufreur set out to illuminate long-standing buildings, which bear significance to the Auckland story. Coufreur selected buildings that despite their importance can be overlooked amid the busyness of city life. These heritage buildings are captured in his typical bold, colourful and expressive style, injecting the subjects with life and vibrancy.

Also, during the month of October in celebration of Parnell's heritage, Jonathan Grant Gallery will exhibit a selection of paintings depicting Parnell and the surrounding area. The exhibition will feature rare 19th Century watercolours, along with recent paintings of historic buildings. ‘Kilbryde’, the historic grand home of John Logan Campbell, features in two of the works in the exhibition. Built in 1881 for Sir John Logan Campbell, and named after his ancestral castle in Scotland, the gracious Italianate mansion occupied a prime position in Parnell until its demolistion in 1924.

The Gallery will also exhibit a selection of works by Auckland based artist Zarahn Southon. Southon has a keen interest in traditional approaches to life painting and aims to convey a level of scrutiny and sensitivity to the figure in contemporary life. He often explores allegorical themes, portraiture and still life within his painting. Also apparent are references to contemporary Classical Realism, Restructured Realism, 19th century Romanticism & Dutch Genre painting. Zarahn Southon's works are a perfect example of how outside cultures and themes can thread together and influence our local artists.

For all detail on timings, participants and places not to be missed on your walk through Parnell, head to www.parnell.net.nz/artweek-parnell-2018/

Written by

Cheryl Adamson, Parnell Inc

29 Aug 2018