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Sound and Vision Kids Studio (North Shore) with mAke Like a Tree Studio

12 Feb 2019 to 9 Apr 2019
TUESDAYS 3.45 - 5.45PM Term 1, Feb 12 - Apr 9
The process of making is a sensory experience. Through the creative process, children learn about themselves and others. Sound, photography and video will be introduced as tools to expand creativity.
Event type: 
Art, Workshop/Seminar
Cost $170 per term per student
Lake House Arts Centre
37 Fred Thomas Drive Takapuna Auckland


Tutor Cath O'Brien

Children innately communicate through creative play and art making and they thrive in an environment where they are in control of their creative decision making. In this innovative new class, children are supported to explore and enhance their unique creativity. Using a core concept as a trigger if needed the tutor will then support each child as they develop their own ideas. The work of local and international contemporary and historical artists will be used for inspiration. A range of diverse materials will be available for children to use in their art making with a focus on found objects and recycled materials.

We will investigate a range of concepts through drawing, collage, painting, construction, assemblage, sculpture and installation. Sound, photography and video will be introduced as tools to expand the creative process. 

Respect for one another, the space and the materials is modelled. Group culture is organic, nurturing and develops in synchronicity with the individuals in the group.

The process of making is a sensory experience. Through the creative process, children learn about themselves and others. Using tools and materials to create, strengthens hand and mind coordination and helps to develop fine motor control. Important life skills develop during the creative process including communication, collaboration, problem solving, decision making, observation, responding to materials, and the ability to express thoughts and emotions creatively. Experiencing their visual ideas manifest, gives children confidence in their ability to make things happen and have a lot of fun in the process.

Children of all abilities welcome.

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Māpura Studios

21 Jan 2019

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