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22 Feb 2019 to 24 Mar 2019
11am to 6pm weekdays, 11am to 3pm weekends
Potocki Paterson Art Gallery presents a solo exhibition by David Le Fleming
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Art, Cultural, Exhibition
Potocki Paterson Art Gallery
41 Dixon St (Level 1) Te Aro


Each of David Le Fleming’s paintings in this series forges a new god for today’s startling new political, environmental and social landscape.

These animal, humanoid and nebulous forms rule relatable concepts and concerns with rich symbolic resonance. In the same way some artists reverse-engineer naivety, Le Fleming reverse-engineers religion, offering arresting graven images replete with presence, pathos and humour.

Le Fleming’s painting reveres the surface. Appropriating found objects from tin cans to tractors, he uses their defects and typography to illuminate the passage of time.

Le Fleming, 42, has exhibited in top galleries worldwide, including London’s Saatchi
Gallery, Frankfurt’s Union Hall and Paris’s Carrousel du Louvre. His work is collected
by Deutsche Bank, Concord Records and Wellington’s Museum Hotel.

His exhibition Original Myth, opens at Potocki Paterson Art Gallery at 41 Dixon Street on Friday 22 February and runs until 24 March 2019.


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1 Feb 2019

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