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Gunns Road / Philip Trusttum at Wallace Gallery Morrinsville- Extended through March!

Gunns Road Poster
27 Nov 2018 to 17 Mar 2019
10am-4pm Tuesday-Sunday
Philip Trusttum courtesy of Wallace Arts Trust Collection Gallery.
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Art, Cultural, Exhibition
Wallace Gallery Morrinsville
167 Thames Street, Morrinsville


Philip and Lee Trusttum owned an eight-acre property at Gunns Road, Waituna, for sixteen years from 1986 to 2002. They ran sheep on the land, which was maintained by Philip and it was home to their beloved horses.


In the late 1980s, Trusttum painted a series of works representing the range of endeavours that human beings must undertake. They include manual labour, outdoor physical activity such as fencing, shovelling, cleaning the paddock and hedge-cutting, as well as more intimate, personal acts such as love-making and performing bodily functions. Trusttum recorded as many activities as he could during 1988 and 1989, getting the compositions organised in outline form and pressing on the colour. Then he stacked the works away, twelve years later he went back to this body of work, selecting some to develop further.

Robin Woodward (p. 68, Philip Trusttum, 2011, Wallace Arts Trust Publication)

This show has been extended until the 17th of March.

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Wallace Gallery Morrinsville

13 Feb 2019