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re-stART Stroke Art Therapy

5 Apr 2019 to 21 Jun 2019
FRIDAYS 10AM – 12.30PM April 5 - June 21
“After my stroke it has given me a place to come that I feel at home. I could not live without it!” “Like being re-born, you get the opportunity to start over”
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Art, Workshop/Seminar
Mapura Studios
Fowlds Park Rocky Nook Ave St Lukes Auckland 1022


This group-centred enquiry process initiates a journey of self-reflection and in-depth examination of the experience of having stroke-affect.  Art forms are introduced as tools and ways by which participants can explore emotionally and psychologically, providing insight, healing, and resolution - assisting rehabilitation, and renewing motivation and purpose in life. The group environment provides a sense of connection and community for those who may be isolated in their experience; a place to constructively & safely share & be heard. The process is dynamic & life enhancing.

The next art therapy programme is scheduled to start April 5 2019.
Cost $100 for 12 week programme. (Includes all materials)

Enquiries & enrolments
Diana McPherson                    
E: diana@mapurastudios.org.nz     | 09 845 5361


Māpura Studios has been running art therapy programmes especially designed for people affected by Stroke since 2010. The programme has produced positive outcomes for the majority of participants.

Research has been completed by the Centre for Brain Research of the University of Auckland. The research results support the view that the Māpura Studios Art Therapy programme contributes toward significant improvement in the psychological well-being for stroke survivors.

81% of participants demonstrated improvement in motivation, initiative and a new sense of self.  71% reported an improvement in their quality of life  - post programme.

The programme is endorsed by the Stroke Foundation with whom we have a close relationship.


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Māpura Studios

28 Feb 2019

Interests Māpura Studios is a creative space offering innovative visual art and art therapy programmes for people of all abilities, with particular care given to ensuring those with disability and impairment are provided for.