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Ecorche: Artistic anatomy class with Jason Arkles

5 Apr 2019 to 7 Apr 2019
10am-5pm, 5-7 April 2019
Learn artistic anatomy by completing an ecorche figure muscle by muscle over a 1/3 life size skeleton.
Event type: 
Art, Workshop/Seminar
Armature fee $300 + Course fee $450
Anthesis Atelier
Level 3, 33 Cuba Street, Te Aro, Wellington


This three-day course is designed to get the student to actively learn and apply artistic anatomy. Each student will complete an ecorche figure (a figure with no skin, revealing the bones and muscles underneath), muscle by muscle, over a provided skeleton 1/3 life size. That includes every muscle in the face. The complete skeleton resulting from the course is for each student to keep as their home reference. 

This course is designed for a 'quick and dirty' approach, condensed in three days. By enabling the students to think of muscles in terms of groups and functions, rather than as stand-alone lumps and bumps on the surface of the model the course jumpstarts students’ mastery of human form. The course is perfectly suitable for both sculptors and painters alike! 

Sculptor Jason Arkles will lead this class by discussing and modelling each muscle alongside the students, and with the aid of video and digital presentations.

Reserve your spot by following the atelier's website link below. Armature fee is due upon registration. 


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Anthesis Atelier

12 Mar 2019