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The Writing Room

The Writing Room
2 Apr 2019
7.00pm 2nd April
Wish you were writing more often? Writing more is really just about turning up on a regular basis - and doing.
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Membership $25 per month
Studio One Toi Tu
1 Ponsonby Road Ponsonby


Wish you were writing more often?  Let me guess - you're so time-poor and distracted your project keeps getting put to the bottom of the to-do list.

Writing more is simple.  It's just about turning up on a regular basis - and doing.

Joining The Writing Room will give you the time, place and incentive to do just that. 

We're a membership-based writing group that meets monthly in person but you'll also have access to private FB page and mini-podcasts that are sent to your inbox.

Being a member of The Writing Room not only ensures you develop a regular writing habit, it keeps you accountable and motivates you to focus on what you're trying to achieve.  And it gives you access to a supportive writing community.

Our next FIRST TUESDAY Write-In is happening on April 2nd - come join us.

Writing Room Creator and Facilitator: Kathryn Burnett - drop me a line if you have questions.

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What people say...

“I loved the warm-up exercise (really got the creative juices flowing) and felt like I made good strides in my project. I was writing from beginning to end.“ Rachel Fawcett

Great professional feedback from Kathryn today. As always. Valuable input & encouragement means 2019 feels like I can do this." Sally Christie

"Thank you Kathryn. Two hours very well spent!!" Justine Evans

Written by

Kathryn Burnett

26 Mar 2019