Mega World: The Expansive Universe of Illustration

Ahsin Ahsin, Quasi, 2016
30 Mar 2019 to 7 Jul 2019
Open Daily. 10am - 4.30pm.
Explore the expansive universe of illustration with the Tauranga Art Gallery's signature 2019 show; Mega World
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Tauranga Art Gallery
108 Willow Street
Bay of Plenty


Mega World will transports you to an unknown landscape populated by strange creatures and unlikely heroes.

Shown across all five exhibition spaces, the Gallery’s signature show gives life to contemporary illustration in its many forms. From comics and graphic novels to underground illustration, animation and contemporary art.

The first exhibition to open was Anti-heroes: The Art of Conscious Cartoonists & Comic Book Creators. Curated by Craig McClure, the group exhibition features cartoonists from the United States, Canada and New Zealand who resist the archetypical superhero genre of comic books to tell real human stories.

In mid-March, Ahsin Ahsin took over the atrium, applying his vibrant, graphic, neon work directly onto the walls. Influenced by 80s & 90s sci-fi and pop culture, his work features transformer-style robots and alien invasions.

From March 30, LA-based artist Gary Baseman will be exhibiting his Imaginary Friends, showing for the first time in NZ dozens of his dynamic characters. Shifting from a successful career in editorial illustration that started in the 1980s, Baseman started to create his own cast of characters in the 1990s that represent aspects of the human condition. The characters exist as drawings, paintings, toys, fashion, or appear in photographs and video. Demonstrating Baseman’s “pervasive art” that crosses media and disciplines, Imaginary Friends shows his characters manifested in multiple ways, allowing viewers to engage personally and experientially, connecting the characters’ stories with their own.

Meticulously created using more than 10,000 separate hand-carved woodcuts, Sun Xun’s 3D video animation titled Time Spy, blends this ancient analogue process with digital animation, bringing to life a surreal narrative that is watched with 3D glasses.

Tauranga artist Natasha Cousens’ fantastical creatures will peer, creep and emerge from the Gallery walls. Cousens' surreal sculptural work is predominantly clay and fibreglass, bringing to life her illustrative designs in a 3-dimensional form.

Running from February 23 to July 7, Mega World at Tauranga Art Gallery will unlock your imagination, give form to the intangible and recapture childhood fantasies.

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Tauranga Art Gallery

26 Mar 2019