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Unruly Narrative

Unruly Narrative
Gwen Wanigasekera, ‘Thou shalt not Judge these books by their covers’ 2008, collage, courtesy of the artist
Aisha Roberts, ‘Quality Time’ 2012, Digital Photographic Print
Yuki Kihara, ‘Agelu i Tausi Catholic Church After Cyclone Evan Mulivai Safata’ 2013, C-Print Black and White Photograph
Chris Morley, ‘Untitled’ 1995, Acrylic on canvas over plywood
Joan Fear, ‘Conversation Piece’ 1964, Oil on canvas board, Reproduced with permission of the artist
24 Apr 2019 to 14 Jun 2019
Wednesday 24 April – Friday 14 June 2019
Storytelling in art: poetic responses
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Art, Exhibition, Public Program
Calder & Lawson Gallery
Academy of Performing Arts, University of Waikato Gate 2B Knighton Road Hillcrest, Hamilton


Selected from the University of Waikato Art Collection, this exhibition shares artworks chosen for their narrative quality, or contrarily lack thereof. A group of poets from Mayhem, the University of Waikato literary journal, were then invited to compose ekphrastic poetry responses to the works. The creation of these poems give voice to new potential narratives, unique interpretations or poetic extensions of the story told or hidden within each artwork. They transport the visual language of fine art into the written/verbal format of poetry.

Artists: Aisha Roberts, Alex McLeod, Chris Morley, Cynthia Taylor, Gwen Wanigasekera, Jasmine Middlebrook, John Walsh, Joan Fear, Judy Millar, Loui Morrell, Michael Tuffery, Peter Wichman and Yuki Kihara.

Poets: Aimee-Jane Anderson-O'Connor, Dadon Rowell, essa may ranapiri, Jeanie Richards, Loren Thomas, Mark Houlahan, Mark Prisco, Melody Wilkinson, Mere Taito, Rachael Elliott and Tracey Slaughter.

Public Programme: Wednesday 8 May 1-2pm – Pop Arts poetry reading during Cultural Hour

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Calder & Lawson Gallery - University of Waikato Art Collection

5 Apr 2019

The Calder & Lawson Gallery is home to the Gallagher Academy of Performing Arts diverse visual arts programme within the University of Waikato. The exhibitions feature a range of contemporary art from leading regional and national artists.