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You Know What This Is

Nicholas Pound
12 Jun 2019 to 6 Jul 2019
WED: FRI 11am - 4pm, SAT: 11am - 3pm
Join us for the opening of 'You Know What This Is', a solo exhibition by Nicholas Pound.
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Art, Exhibition
Weasel Gallery
260 Victoria Street, Hamilton


Join us for the opening of You Know What This Is, a solo exhibition of new works by Auckland based artist, Nicholas Pound.

Nicholas has written a little about his upcoming exhibition:

You Know What This Is.

Electric Chair

'You know what this is’ (read with as much exasperation as you see fit) is a cheap pun from the world of board games. It is the canvas talking to the artist as the egg timer runs out and it is the artist talking to an apathetic audience - supposed to be guessing better at his depictions.

Influence for these works, for this way of working has come from the CobrA art movement, oulipo strategies, L.A.N.G.U.A.G.E writers and their progeny. Of particular influence has always been Lisa Samuels and Jerome Mcganns essay ‘Deformance and interpretation’. In this essay a re working of the established in order to surprise new meaning , and a dada esque commitment to play is espoused.

Nicholas Pound, born in 1984, graduated from Elam in 2015 with a First Class Honors degree. Before art school Nicholas was a contemporary American poetry student. As a result his art making processes often mimic modern poets strategies. The result are paintings full of rules and interpretation, Idiosyncrasy and Malapropistic malaise.

We look forward to seeing you there.

Image: Nicholas Pound, Happy Feet, 2019, Oil and medium on recycled notice board. 450mm (h) x600mm (w).

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Weasel Gallery

31 May 2019

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