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Mila Renault Solo Painting Exhibition

27 Jun 2019 to 16 Jul 2019
27th June - 16 July
Amazing watercolours capturing my impressions and emotions about New Zealand
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Studio Two
3 Walton Street, Te Awamutu



I am a joyful Brazilian artist living in Hamilton since 2017. I am a dreamer with a passion for capturing emotions through energetic brushstrokes, expressive lines and bold colours! 

The unpredictability of watercolour fascinates me as it translates my belief on a universe of endless possibilities. I am not concerned about a realistic version of what I see but rather I want to capture my feelings and even try to find beauty in the unexceptional ugly things of our cities. 

One of my deepest concerns is to depict my daily surroundings as a memory of a city that is being under a profound transformation of its landscape: natural, constructed or imagined. New Zealand has a stunning natural environment that fascinates me and a recent past that might be forgotten driven by quick urbanization. A mosaic of new cultures is being melted and I am part of it bringing my perceptions.

I am delighted to have my first solo exhibition in a Studio Two as from 8 to 12 years old I used to go to an art studio just like this one. Children are fearless and have the freedom to create and this is one thing that I am still searching. 

Although I had this early start and then had three years of Classical Drawing and Watercolour as a teenager, being an artist was not an option so I am also an architect and urban designer. 

Giving up a whole life in Sao Paulo and arriving in New Zealand with just a few suitcases and the desire to start from scratch gave me the opportunity to start drawing and painting again. For two years I have put myself in a routine of painting almost every day.

This selection that I have chosen to share with you have some fresh new paintings and some older ones that share my belief that with passion and fierce determination we can develop technical skills and enhance our ways of telling the world our stories.

I hope you can enjoy this journey throughout these remembered and also imagined landscapes!

Cheer Mila Renault

Written by

Mila Renault

19 Jun 2019