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The Fondness of Fools - Tempo Dance Festival

4 Oct 2019 to 5 Oct 2019
Friday 4 Oct - 7:30pm, Saturday 5 Oct - 9:30pm
Fidget Collective presents The Fondness of Fools. An Improvisation featuring Kristian Larsen, Claire O’Neil, Vicky ‘Forest’ Kapo & Chris O’Connor
Event type: 
Free Community Event
Q Theatre
305 Queen Street, Auckland


Fidget Collective presents The Fondness of Fools.

An Improvisation featuring Kristian Larsen, Claire O’Neil, Vicky ‘Forest’ Kapo & Chris O’Connor

 "We perform the formless in sound and in dance. We explore movement and collaboration without creative boundary, without protection and without self-importance. We improvise to a disinterested crowd like background jazz musicians. We are sonically rude, noisey, quiet and haunting. We move like Steve Paxton and Anna Teresa de Keersmaeker doing a pantomime on ice. Like Min Tanaka doing porn. Like Paula Abdul performing a walking solo in a field. Like C3P0 and R2D2 marking a Hofesh Schecter phrase. Like William Forsythe reading the 6 o’clock news on telly" ~ KL