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Songwriting Short Course (adults & teens) TAPAC

19 Sep 2019 to 10 Oct 2019
Thursdays 5:30pm-7:00pm
Learn how to to craft memorable songs that will engage and inspire listeners.
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$40 for 4 weeks
The Auckland Performing Arts Centre, TAPAC
100 Motions Road, Western Springs


A creative and engaging short course for teen and adult songwriters to learn the craft of writing and structuring memorable songs...

The course will explore song and chord structure and how harmony and melody coexist to support the idea behind a lyric. You’ll learn basic lyrical conventions such as metaphor, rhyme, assonance, oxymorons etc and will work on creating your own song over the programme.  The course will also touch on what's involved performance and live recording.

Feel free to bring your own instruments. 

A songwriter from a young age, tutor Brayden Jeffrey has written and performed for bands, theatre and television.  His skills include vocals, playing piano and guitar, musical direction, composition, arrangement and audio engineering. He majored in Popular Music at Auckland University, has scored for many short films, including 'Anatomically Correct', 'Bars & Tone', 'The Clearing',  and 'The Sapphire Vase' and wrote the music and lyrics to musicals 'The Golden Days: A Zombie Romp' and 'Schlunted: An Original Musical'.

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The Auckland Performing Arts Centre

5 Sep 2019

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