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Secret Garden – Laura Allen

19 Feb 2020 to 19 Mar 2020
Opening Wed 19 Feb, 5pm, runs until 13 Feb
Opening Night: Wednesday 19 February, 5pm - 7pm.
Event type: 
Art, Exhibition, Public Art
Studio One Toi Tū
1 Ponsonby Road


Allen's embroidered botanical illustrations showcase the undesirable parts of nature which we so often try to remove or hide - imperfections, sickness and death; those classic reminders of our own mortality. In art and in life - curling leaf tips, limp stems, dead leaves and dropped blossoms all tend to be discarded while pristine leaves and new blooms are favoured. These works highlight a secret garden full of things we usually choose to discard or ignore.

Gallery 4.

Opening Night: Wednesday 19 February, 5pm–7pm.

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Studio One Toi Tū

5 Dec 2019

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