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Paul Bosauder - Flamenco Tour

Paul Bosauder Tauranga
1 Feb 2020
1st February at 7.30pm
Join world-class flamenco musicians as they explore the limits of flamenco dance, composition and improvisation.
Event type: 
Live event, Music
$55.50+bf general; 47.50+bf students/seniors
Baycourt X Space
38 Durham Street Tauranga
Bay of Plenty


Tierra y Mar; flamenco Danza y Guitarra; contrasts tradition and innovation, expression and discipline.

Paul Bosauder is in many respects a cultural ambassador, performing around the world as a highly regarded flamenco guitarist and composer, promoting his love of this music along with his love for his country of origin – New Zealand. Following more than ten years living, working, studying and creating with Spain’s elite flamenco artists, Paul received Matricula de Honor while completing his studies at ESMUC (Escuela Superior de Musica de Cataluña).

In 2018 he introduced Australasia to his work resulting in a completely sold-out summer tour. Paul’s debut flamenco guitar album Tierra y Mar, reached #1 on the NZ Independent Album charts across all genres. This summer, Tierra y Mar expands to include the talents of the multi award-winning flamenco dancer, Triana who will interpret traditional flamenco styles as well as Paul’s compositions. Triana has worked alongside top flamenco artists like Trini de la Isla, Gabriel de la Tomasa, Nino de los Reyes and Olga Llorente. The performance also includes talented percussionist Lito Manez and the cante (singing) of Thais Hernandez.

Award-winning Spanish flamenco guitarist and producer Alberto Lopez finds Paul to be “a sensitive and emotive performer with a deep understanding of flamenco music. His compositions are original and full of personality but still respectful to the traditions and building blocks of true flamenco music”.
Paul’s emergence on stages as a soloist has enabled him to capture the essence of Spanish music and dance, combining traditional and innovative flamenco elements to create a truly moving and emotive performance. Each note, crafted and formed with flamenco emotion, recreates Spanish landscapes through sound (Paisajes sonoros).

“Flamenco is a language and music that developed in communities… el pueblo, just like blues and jazz,” Paul explains. “If you know how to play, to accompany dance and song then the audience will accept you, even admire you. There is a huge range of styles and tastes within Spain, but flamenco is a live music where young people strive to play, sing and dance the best they possibly can.

Paul has performed on an international level in Spain, Belgium, Switzerland, Greece, France, Lebanon, UK, Mexico, USA and New Zealand.

Written by

Sian Clement

5 Dec 2019