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The Writing Room

3 Mar 2020
7pm-9.30pm Tuesday 3 March
Become a member of our monthly writing group - and get more done in 2020
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Membership $25 per month
Studio One Toi Tu
1 Ponsonby Road (K Rd end) Ponsonby


Want to spend more time writing this year? 

Maybe you’ve got lots of ideas but can’t get started.  Or maybe you start off like a champ but lose motivation halfway through. Maybe your life is just so full of distractions it’s hard to carve out writing time.

But here’s the thing all productive writers have in common – they “turn up” and write regularly.

My Auckland-based Writing Room is a friendly space for writers to work and hang out with other writers – think of it as a focused writing appointment. 

We current;y have some spaces for new members... 

Belonging to this group gives you a fixed writing appointment every month.  Writing with others isn't just enjoyable - it's motivating.  It doesn't matter what you are working on - our group is for you if you want to be more focused, maintain momentum and progress your project.

Becoming a member of the Writing Room is simple - you just sign up HERE

As this is a subscription-based writing group - you don't have to keep booking - your subscription automatically renews so you have access every month.

For a modest monthly sum you get access to the monthly write-in session, our FB page and a mid-monthly podcast mini-workshop - just to keep you on your toes. ( NB: if it's not for you, unsubscribing is easy.) 

If you'd like to dig deeper READ MORE


Last year I was the person who was procrastinating over my novel and its messy ending. Thanks to the accountability this group provides I’ve finished it and posted it to a publisher.”  Sally Christie

"Seriously useful in enabling you to actually get sh*t done. A hurdle many writers face." Jack Remiel Cottrell

“Kathryn is an inspiration. She knows how to get people writing and is the world’s best writing nag.”  Bex Ansell

I loved the warm-up exercise (really got the creative juices flowing) and felt like I made good strides in my project. I went in wanting to make the most of the quiet writing time and was writing from beginning to end.
Rachel Fawcett

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Written by

Kathryn Burnett

29 Jan 2020