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Pouring and Dripping with Acrylics

14 Mar 2020 to 21 Mar 2020
10am to 4.30pm 14 March AND 10am-12pm 21 March
An adventure in pouring and dripping paint to make paintings and paint skins.
Event type: 
Art, Workshop/Seminar
Morag Stokes Art Studio
59 Jubilee Road Khandallah


Day one of this workshop will take you through the basics of making colourful acrylic poured paintings on canvas board without the need for silicone oils or blow torches! You will also practice some more advanced techniques involving my ‘accumulated dripping’ technique which you will create as acrylic skins.

Day two, one week later, is all about creative ways to use acrylic skins. You will learn how to peel, crop and mount your poured skin on board, as well as looking at numerous examples of other acrylic skin techniques with creative inspirations for their use.

By the end of the workshop you will have :

  • Learned how to prepare paint for pouring and surfaces for receiving a pour.
  • Made a small poured painting on board.
  • Learned about making, and the creative possibilities of using, acrylic skins.
  • Made a banded acrylic skin using the ‘accumulated dripping’ technique.
  • Learned how to attach an acrylic skin to board
  • Made some acrylic skin collage elements

Paint pouring is a messy activity which needs more studio space than most other workshop activities. For this reason, participant numbers will be restricted to six.

What’s included in the price:

All materials, top quality paints and products from the GOLDEN range, will be provided. You might like to bring disposable gloves and an apron. Teas, instant coffee and nibbles will be available. You will need to bring your own lunch on the first Saturday, or visit one of two cafes in Khandallah Village which is 5 minutes walk from the studio.

Contact: Tel. (04) 973 7305  email:


Written by

Morag Stokes

1 Feb 2020