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Geometry of Thought

28 Feb 2020 to 22 Mar 2020
6 to 7.30 pm Friday 28 Feb
“A line is a dot that went for a walk” - Paul Klee
Event type: 
Art, Exhibition
The Upstairs Gallery
Level 1, Lopdell House, 418 Titirangi Road, Titirangi, Auckland


Join us on Friday 28 February from 6 - 7.30pm as we welcome Ian Mac Gabhann for his first solo exhibition.

***ON SHOW DAILY 10AM - 4PM, 29 FEB - 22 MAR***
Ian is an Auckland based artist, born in Dublin, Ireland and immigrated to New Zealand in 2013. With an academic background in architecture, Ian began to explore the transcendental expression of abstraction without reliance upon recognizable objective forms.

“A line is a dot that went for a walk” - Paul Klee

No computer is used - each drawing is done freehand and/or with the aid of a ruler and a compass. “I start with a line of ink. I lend my thoughts to the ink. Then multiple lines begin journeys, which connect and disconnect within the dimensions of space.”

'Geometry of Thought' is a collection of hand drawings by Ian Mac Gabhann, which explores the chaotic scenes, which are formed from energetic, geometric lines. Each line has a mood within itself and belonging to its surreal fragmented surroundings.

“Line does not exist in nature. Line is an invention of man” - George Grosz

The lines that connect our thoughts in our minds begin a flow of ideas that lead to a perception of form and inner meaning of the chaos that confronts us.

Come and meet Ian on Friday 28 Feb, from 6 - 7.30pm and be transcended by each unique piece.

Pop up to Level 1, Lopdell House on opening night for a glass of wine and fine art from 6 - 7.30pm.
See you here soon x

Written by

The Upstairs Gallery

13 Feb 2020

The Upstairs Gallery is a community gallery with a light and airy space and boutique shop. We promote not only our established members, but new artists fresh to the arts scene.