Chiron Multi Instrumental Concerts

Chiron Multi Instrumental Concerts 2020
22 Mar 2020 to 23 Aug 2020
22 Mar | 31 May | 9 Aug | 23 Aug
Bringing together students from Albany School of Music & Remuera Music Academy for a joyful afternoon of music making and collaboration!
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Lewis Eady
75 Great South Road, AUCKLAND


Multi Instrumental Concerts | 2020 Series | Chiron: Albany School of Music & Remuera Music Academy

Performing is a fundamental part of any musician's journey, building confidence and musicianship. Join us at our NEW Multi Instrumental Concert Series which will bring together our Piano, Strings, Woodwind, and Guitar departments for a joyful afternoon of music making and collaboration.

  1. Ages 7 & Under - Sunday 22 March, 3pm start
  2. Ages 8 & 9 - Sunday 31 May, 3pm start
  3. Ages 10 to 12 - Sunday 9 August, 3pm start
  4. Ages 13 & Over - Sunday 23 August, 3pm start


Venue - Lewis Eady, 75 Great South Road, Epsom, Auckland
To enrol at Chiron, please email
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At Chiron, we believe that every child deserves excellent teaching, right from the day they begin learning music.  We employ passionate, highly skilled and experienced teachers, in order to provide your child with the best possible learning opportunities.
Our goal is to foster a lifelong love of music.  We aim to create an environment that nourishes, inspires and stimulates students at all ages and all levels, from preschoolers right through to those ready to make a career in music.

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Chiron Group New Zealand

3 Mar 2020

Chiron Group New Zealand is the umbrella organisation for the Albany School of Music, Remuera Music Academy, Chiron Charitable Trust, Lewis Eady and the Lewis Eady Music School.