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Feminist Art Activisms and Artivisms edited by Katy Deepwell
8 Mar 2020 to 1 Mar 2021
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I'm one of 39 artists, researchers, curators, in a new book, FEMINIST ART ACTIVISMS AND ARTIVISMS launched today, Edited by London based Katy Deepwell and the book is published in the Netherlands
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Art, Literature, Multidisciplinary
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a 448 page book with over 300 illustrations
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Launched on 8 March 2020
‘Feminisms’ (as a plural) is widely used today to draw attention to inequalities and to critique the status quo in limiting women’s roles/ positions/ lives/ potential. Art can offer a vision of future worlds, manifesting a desire for projecting change, playing with existing realities and conventions. Feminist Art Artivism and Activism, two sides of the same coin, arise where art approaches, develops or transforms into activism and vice versa, where activisms become artivisms. In both, art emerges in differing forms of political intervention, at both an individual, shared or collective level, apparent in actions, events, identifications and practices.
This volume wants to reveal the diversity of these practices and realities. Representing a range of critical insights, perspectives and practices from artists, activists, curators, academics and writers, it explores and reflects on the enormous variety of feminist interventions in the field of contemporary art, social processes, the public sphere and politics. In doing so, Feminist Art Activisms and Artivisms touches upon broader questions of cultural difference, history, class, economic position, ecology, politics, sexual orientation, and the ways in which these intersect.

Written by

Sonja van Kerkhoff

8 Mar 2020