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Beginner's Guide to Screenwriting ONLINE Course

13 May 2020 to 17 Jun 2020
7.00pm - 9.00m Wed 13 May - Wed 17 June
A six-week online screenwriting course that will teach you the nuts and bolts of screenwriting - and how to avoid common newbie mistakes.
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Earlybird $425.00 - General $495.00
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Want to write for the big screen but not sure where to start?

Beginner's Guide: Screenwriting ONLINE is a series of dynamic weekly classes that demystify the nuts and bolts of screenwriting, taking you step by step through what you need to know to start writing.

Facilitator: Kathryn Burnett - BIO HERE

Perhaps you're already underway but not sure if you're on the right track or keep losing momentum. No matter what level you're at - if you want to improve your screenwriting skills our 6 week Beginner’s Guide to Screenwriting online class is designed especially for you.

Screenwriting has much in common with other forms of creative writing and storytelling but it has a distinct form and language. This course provides an excellent grounding in both and offers genuine insight into how film projects are put together.

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Kathryn's screenwriting workshop was brilliant. I loved learning from her and would sit at the front of the class, furiously jotting down notes like a nerd. Kathryn has a natural ability to connect with an audience. She teaches with patience and humour and I'd recommend the workshop for anyone wanting to learn more about screenwriting.” Jaquie Brown – Presenter, Actor, Screenwriter

“I’ve gone from being too intimidated to write a scene, to feeling equipped to take on a feature! Thanks so much!” – Angus Dreaver

“Congrats on a great workshop. I’ve done a few and think yours is by far one of the most comprehensive. Really enjoyed it - you really know your stuff. " - Scott Butler - Advertising Director

“Kathryn’s course is a must for any newbie. It’s a fast, furious and funny two days – I can’t wait to get started on my first feature.” Eryn Wilson – Actor/Writer/Director

"Kathryn Burnett is the bombdiggity. She brings amazing experience, intelligence, and passion to her teaching. She has a comprehensive understanding of movies, cinema history, and storytelling technique, and is effective and engaging when sharing that knowledge with her students. Kathryn is to storytelling tutors as Carlos the Jackal is to international assassins. I can't recommend her highly enough." Steve Barr - screenwriter, producer, and development executive

Who is this workshop for?

Newer screenwriters or industry professionals looking to up-skill.

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How does this sound?

  • A fun, supportive learning environment. (No pressure to share.)
  • Clear, practical information and advice from an industry insider.
  • Guidance on making sure your idea is cinematic.
  • Learn what differentiates a screenplay from other forms of writing - and what that means for the screenwriter.
  • Insights to help you avoid newbie mistakes from the get-go.
  • Instruction on how screenplay stories are put together.
  • Invaluable story exercises designed to help you develop your kick-ass story.
  • E-notes and a workbook.
  • Did I mention that it's fun?

"I feel like I learned years of knowledge in two days. It was incredible so stop reading this and go sign up!" Francesca Wen Xiu Logan - Aspiring Screenwriter

You will learn:

  • The basic how and why of writing for film, including plot, story structure, dialogue, big print, character arc and the visual grammar of screenplays.
  • How writing a screenplay differs from writing other forms of fiction
  • How genre impacts and influences your story
  • The importance of starting with a cinematic premise
  • How to format a screenplay
  • How to create compelling watchable characters
  • How to write a logline, synopsis and beat sheet
  • How to structure your story before you start writing.
  • How to write a scene.
  • The differences between writing a feature film, short film and TV.
  • What to do next once you've finished your draft.

Facilitator: Kathryn Burnett

Kathryn is an award-winning screenwriter who has worked in the NZ television/film industry for over 20 years. She has significant television and film credits and has developed numerous television series for NZ’s major production companies. She wrote the award winning short film Shelved and has two feature films in development. Her most recently produced TV projects include – “Fresh Eggs,” “The Sounds” and multi-award-winning “The Cul de Sac.” She is also on the development team for an HBO sci-fi series and has a comedy series in development with Warner Brothers.

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Written by

Kathryn Burnett

23 Apr 2020